Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

What happens in Vermont stays in Vermont . . .

. . . but nothing ever happens here.

Yeah so I *might've* stolen that title from a t-shirt. But it amused me.

Ok so those of you reading this for the horse stories -- looking for either the good or the disastrous, may as well skip this one. The only horses I saw today were the ones I have to feed and blanket every day. Otherwise, it was my day off :)

So it turns out that moving to VT has not taught me how to relax. My day off and I decided to make the most of it. I had 3 goals -- get groceries (never happened), find a fuzzy girth for Cayman (did that - CUTE tack shop), and go play tourist. Have car and camera, will travel :)

Lesson number one: when hiking an unfamiliar trail that's going steeply downhill, keep in mind that the return trip will be UPhill!!! The first time I just didn't clue in. An hour later when I turned around I realized what I'd done. Ugh. The 2nd time I thought of it but decided I was ok w/ the size of the hill. The THIRD time, I got part way down the hill and decided whatever was at the bottom was definitely NOT worth the trip back up and cut that one short :)

Was thinking of the Wed ladies today -- and yes I realize none of you ride on Wed anymore but that's really irrelevant :-P One of the places I ended up at today reminded me of the Xmas shopping expedition. You would've loved it. Beyond huge. Split into the antique section (w/ something like 450 dealers -- n yes much of it was crap, but even I could tell some of it was *very* impressive) and the country-store type section (just as big, but fewer dealers -- more like a compilation of little stores). There was also a glass-blowing shop; I'm not exactly sure why but that seems to be the in thing here. AND the "toy train museum" right inbetween the country and the antique sections. haaha I have no idea what that has to do w/ anything, but it amused me. Then a field or two of tents outside w/ more random stuff.

I was randomly driving to the next little town when on the way I came across the "apples and crafts" fair -- kinda like the one-of-a-kind show but outdoors. And REALLY good food :) mmmmmm is apple-crisp for dinner a bad thing? Spent a few hours wandering around this show (apparently only on this wknd). Fun fun fun. Kerri you would've loved it! Never did make it to said little town. Maybe next week :)

Stopped at this one place just cause I nearly crashed rubber-necking it! hahaha "Fool on the Hill" which proclaims to sell "wonderful things" -- but the... ummmm... display. hahaha well we'll go w/ the picture is worth a thousand words theory -- check out the FB album and you'll know when you get there!

Driving w/ windows down, loud music, etc. Only thing missing that would've made it perfect was my friends. Miss you guys!

Anyways, photos here if you're interested:


normally those type of stores would excite me to no end... but I have major vet bills and therefore, no shopping for anything fun, for a verrry long time... not only is horse injured, I have a very sick cat. Life sucks!! Sounds like you are having a blast, though.


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