Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The story continues . . .

Wow, I think this might've been the longest blog-less period yet! But everybody was away for Thanksgiving so I figure it's all good :) Hope you had a happy turkey day!!!

I had no turkey, but I DID get pumpkin pie! Woohoo! From a church bake-sale of all places :) (hahaha sorry Mum, the recepie you sent me wasn't exactly detailed enuff!) The poor old gentleman selling the pie was oh-so-disappointed when I told him no I would not be attending church on Sunday *g* hahaha ah well -- was worth the sales pitch for the very yummy pie.

So anyways -- back to the interesting stuff (that'd be *horses* people :) -- ummm yeah, Cayman has kinda been banned from lessons. This is less than good :( I was very disappointed :( We hacked for a few days -- very forward, through, on the bit etc etc. N def using himself (hills are HARD!). Then on the last day we hacked him right into the sandring (still following the baby-sitter of the day) where he promptly quit. Stalled out like a car going too slowly in high gear... Still following but really poorly. Then when he had to go away from the other horse, the rearing started again. And when he got smacked for the rearing he went forward for maybe a minute. Then quit again -- w/ far more drama this time :( It actually wasn't bad to sit to, but I guess it *looked* fairly impressive cause audience reaction was entertaining. Except for Denny who was not @ all amused. Told me to put him away and not bring him back since it evidently IS mental rather than physical. So we'll see -- not sure exactly what's going to happen there yet :(

In the meantime I've been mostly catch-riding... One of Denny's horses I'm hoping to inherrit when we go south (his usual other rider is staying here this year, so there's space :) but we'll see. *fingers crossed* He's entertaining -- has quite the huge spook in him but I figure after a time or two I'll learn to stay on *g*. Right now I only ride him when the other girl's away (as she was the last few days). Another of D's horses I've been riding regularly, but he's coming back off an injury so can't do much yet -- that one I really like just cause he's FORWARD. Like in ways that redifine the word. It doesn't matter where you're going, you're going to get there yesterday! hahaha N he was apparently solid @ prelim b4 he was injured so I'm looking forward to him being able to jump again! In the meantime, one of his clients has a tb she wants me to ride so I tried that one today. Cute enuff, but very green for his age, and not the bravest over fences... Also very unfit. Looks a whole lot like little Rios though so of course that immediately gave my initial emotional impression of him a boost! Apparently very well bred (his father did advanced and ran Rolex), he just hasn't ever done anything other than hang out in a field. N he's small, n we all know I have a thing for the little horses :)

Anyways -- that's the latest story. A little frazzled, but then such is my life >;-P


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