Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Grand Finale

So this post is complete randomness lol

We drove over to the hill so our cars would be near where we drop off the skis at the end of the day.   I parked, and Laura was right behind me, but the next spot wasn't big enough for her larger vehicle.  Parking attendant indicated she should follow him.   He took her to the very first spot, moved HIS car, and gave her that spot.  Customer service was seriously impressive throughout.

Even a little bit of blue sky!

This morning's skiing had some actual powder that was SO lovely.   The hill was also way more crowded, but still our lovely greens were fairly open.   We tried a couple runs we hadn't done before, but the one we found yesterday held out for the win.

Part of my favourite run - easy curviness through the trees

I had SO much fun on our ski trip.  I was disappointed by how completely and totally exhausted I was -- although I appreciated the sleep!  When I booked the trip I had ambitions of skiing all day and getting home quite late at night, but that didn't end up being reasonable.  In reality, I skied for the am and left at lunch.

So Laura and I decided we are "fast food skiers" lol - as in "pizza and fries".   As in "snow plow when things are dodgy and parallel when things are good".  Win.   Also got a good laugh because the thought crossed my mind that I can't stop well in parallel skiing and I often can't stop when eating fries.  I don't have that problem with snowplow or pizza ;-P.  It's amazing what's funny when you're completely exhausted.

Not exaggerating about having easy hills to ourselves ;)

On one of the runs there were two snowboarders about to go, I offered to let them go first and the response was something about "I always let the skiers go first since I'm just learning and don't want to get in the way" and I got a laugh that I was feeling the exact same thing about the snowboarders.   All good.  In general people were very good about the whole "downhill has right of way" situation and faster skiers just dodging us.

Returning gear was a little dodgy -- you literally just leave it on the table?!?  Nobody checking it in or even acknowledging its existence.  Which reminds me, I was impressed that pretty much everybody was wearing helmets on the hill.  And also that those helmets are both comfortable and WARM.  Loved it.

I left around lunch time - I can't remember the last time I was so tired.  Laura lasted a couple more hours than I did to make up for missing Wed night.   Drive home was super easy - roads were clear, no weather, no traffic.  All good.  Border crossing was more normal but not bad.  And definitely came home and had a nap ;).  But still grinning.   Trip was So. Much. Fun.

Exhausted skiing adventure

So today I learned my right leg is significantly stronger than my left.  Lol trying to ski past the point of exhaustion and my left leg just noped out.   If it was not weight bearing, it would like shake randomly - so that was fun lol. Just as well I’m not great at keeping my skis closer than hip-width apart or there might have been challenges. And if it was weight bearing it was really useless at turning and would 💯 default to snow plow.   It made for some awkward runs lol.

Wasn't crowded so lots of time for pics :)

But that was this evening.  This am started w a disappointing breakfast, then heading to the hill to get Laura’s skis.  Hit the slopes for the am and it was super icy.  Way less fun than yesterday :(.  But we did a bunch of runs anyways - it wasn’t bad, just not lovely.  And definitely more people.  Stopped in a ski school to see about getting a lesson, but they were crazy expensive.   Laura’s goggles were deteriorating so we stoped in the ski store, where I randomly got a neck warmer thing since it’s colder today.  I was disappointed the one I liked best only came in youth sizes.  Might’ve been okay?   But with 12 as the high end age, I decided to stick to the adult selection.  

Back out on the hill, skied our way back to the hotel and then went into town in search of food and requests for US-specific stuff from people at home.   We were partially successful ;)

Then Laura went back to the hill while I crashed for a lovely 20 min cat nap.  I hit the slopes about 30 mins after her.   Remember the whole “put your skis on and go 10 feet to the ski lift” thing?   Well that part was just fine, but moments after I sat down the lift stopped???   There were no other people so….  “You forgot something!”  Lol my ski hadn’t been properly in the binding and snapped out when gravity got involved.  Awesome lift guy helped reattach it for me.   Fortunately this was the most eventful issue of the evening. 

Laura was way on the other side of the mountain so it took me a few runs to make my way over there, but we did get connected.   Still busier than yesterday but as per last night the green hills were mostly empty, which was lovely.  As well, the snow all afternoon had helped negate some of the ice issues.  And the skiing got consistently better as the night went on.

Love the snow with the lights at night

In her solo skiing Laura had found a different run I hadn’t tried yet that was 100% my favourite of the night.   Through the woods but the gentlest slope (fairly critical since by this point I only had one quasi-functional leg), snow falling, no people but us (the other runs on that chair lift are double black diamond and black diamond, so it’s not exactly one populated by many novice skiers!).   We did this one a number of times.   

Eventually it got to the point where my legs were so iffy it wasn’t super safe and we still have more skiing tomorrow so we made our way back.  Last night’s favourite hill was tonight’s least favourite hill as it was sheer ice for all the steepest parts.  And I was exhausted.  So yeah - definitely not a fun end.

Our room was just to the left of this pic, the lights are for the closest lift.

We were both really tired but I dragged Laura to the pool anyways - how often can you swim outside in the snowfall?!?!   Which ended up being *awesome* because we found the hot tub!!!  It does exist!  And was absolutely the perfect thing for my poor body that was very much letting me know that I’m neither young nor in riding shape any more ;)

Neither of us were hungry for dinner but we had splurged at the cupcake store for Laura’s birthday :)

Dinner of champions ;)
We only made it a fraction of the way through, but seemed good at the time.

Ski Trip Day 1 :)

Okay so I very much wanted to get away somewhere; Chris is restricted to school vacation times (aka very expensive times) to travel; so I figured I'd go skiing since C doesn't ski w iffy knees so wouldn't miss that trip.

Laura was onside so we booked a getaway to Holiday Valley.  I have fun memories of family ski trips there when I was a kid, and importantly, they have ski-in rooms.  So book a few days off work and away we go :)

Now the rest of this...  Was written at the very end of Day 1 -- I was super happy and equally exhausted so definitely not in a state to write a concise and coherent post.

So many things and only a tiny keyboard to write on…

Was supposed to run a bunch of errands and have a Spanish lesson today before heading to the ski hill, but they were forecasting supreme nastiness in the form of a snow storm late morning so cancelled Spanish and anything that wasn’t critically important and left a couple hours earlier than planned.

This kept me right at the front of the storm - there were snowy roads in places but for the most part it was just wet and the snow falling was light enough not to create visibility issues.

Pro tip - horribly ugly old-people glasses for driving at night, you know the ones? And yes I have a pair - make of that as you will. I choose to blame multiple surgeries rather than age but alas it may be both…. Anyways - those are fabulous for snow storms. Learned this the other wk when driving to Windsor. When the glare is obnoxious but not quite bright enough for sunglasses to be effective (unless you’re my husband who keeps multiple gradients of sunglasses on hand) - for those days, ugly night glasses are legitimately perfect. So now you know.

Back to my story - apparently nobody drives mid day?!?! Cause after I passed Niagara there were almost zero other cars. Crossed the border in Fort Erie and there were literally no cars. Two open car lanes and no cars. Zero wait to cross. Surreal.

Border guard was bored so took more chit chat than normal to get across but then on my way. Once I got to 219, again - no cars for miles. Was completely stress free driving. A little random when the multi lane highway stops at a stop sign, makes a 90 deg turn, and starts again lol but other than that all good. Drive after that was gorgeous. Starting to snow at that point but if visibility had been better would’ve been an amazing drive.

Got here and even though I was super early, the room was ready, so win. Hotel room is dated and soundproofing is non existent, but it’s clean and reasonable for an inexpensive stay. They also have ski lockers outside every room which is definitely ideal.

Got myself organized - the area is basically three resorts in one. Ours in on the far outskirts, apparently the restaurant is in the middle one, then there’s the main ski centre with cafe type food, then something even further but I didn’t go far enough to ascertain exactly what.

I familiarized myself w our hotel - super disappointed that the outdoor hot tub is actually at one of the others :(. Oh well - next year. We do have an indoor outdoor pool? The indoor part looks pretty dodgy but the outdoor is lovely. I saw a sign for hot tub as well but not evidence of one existing. That’ll be tonight or tomorrow’s exploration.

This looks fairly stunning :)

Found an “exercise trail” which would prob be awesome but maybe not a great winter idea ;)

Pretty snowstormy at this point so I drove to the main lodge to find food and gear. Food was not great and very expensive. Booo. Gear was a bit of a process to acquire but zero line and super friendly / helpful staff. This seems to be a trend here; they’re definitely hiring for personable and customer focused.

About 5 years ago (I can’t believe it was that long but both fb and my blog assure me it was), Laura and I took up night skiing for the winter. It was SO much fun. And even then skis were much shorter than when I skied as a kid. Well now they fit in the back seat of my car lol. I think the winter clothes actually took more space!

Skis are a LOT shorter than they used to be!

Wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to get my car out so loaded everything back up and went back to the room. The ski guy had said to let skis acclimatize to the weather before using so yeah ski locker. I chilled a bit, checked in w Laura who couldn’t come till after work, and Chris whose work ended early thanks to said snow, and then decided that since I came here to ski, perhaps I should go ski???

So I got myself all geared up - the lift pass isn’t a sticker anymore…. It looks and feels like a credit card, and they just said “have it somewhere on the left side of your body” and warned me not to have it w other cards. Uh sure. Since I had C’s ski pants (mine somehow have holes in them?!?) they have ALL the pockets. So lift pass on one side, cc, room card, and id on the other, and STILL an extra pocket for my phone and trail map.

There is a lift that comes right to the hotel - our room faces the parking lot not the hill, so had to walk across said parking lot. But then the hill is right there. Which is super convenient but means I skied all of about 10 feet before getting on a chair lift. Which means getting off the chair lift was the first skiing I would do. Lol occurred to me this might be a poor life choice, but it actually worked out fine.

Mine is a little folded so snagged this version from Google.

So I knew from my handy trail map that I could get from our room to the main hub on only green trails. This was a significant win since the greens here are the blues we had at tiny Glen Eden 5 yrs ago. I did possibly the slowest trip ever across but made it in one piece. And stumble upon this lovely snack option ;). Which I did not indulge, but likely will tomorrow cause they smelled SO good!

Spoiler alert - I never actually tried one

According to my trail map pretty much every lift had a green route down, so that was exciting. There were not maps posted at the bottom which I found very disconcerting but fortunately I had one w me. There were usually maps at the top - but if you’re a novice skier, by that point it might be too late ;). I basically just picked green ones. Often they criss cross so many times I ended up on a different one than I started on, but all good. Got a good laugh when I realized one of my fav green runs crossed a black diamond - the “straight down” for green was the “across the hill” for black. Made me laugh anyways.  To be fair, somebody who knew what they were doing planned the routes -- pretty well every chair had at least one green route down.

Found my way to the extreme far side of the mountain which was pretty deserted and stayed there to try and regain my ski legs. There was a lot of snow plowing happening. Embarrassing bad but effective. And so few people out I wasn’t worried about getting run over lol. Spent some time here trying to remind my legs that they have never been able to do the splits and today is not a good day to start!

Random side note, in dance this wk she told us it was “just like skiing” - I’m not actually sure which I’m worse at, but it seems I can’t keep my feet together in either lol. The goal for the trip is to get the skis vaguely parallel and close enough together that my hips don’t hurt afterwards lol. You know you’re old when that’s a viable metric ;-P

Eventually I got my skis pointed somewhat in the same direction, if still very far apart and ventured more to the middle of the hill and found one route that I really liked. Except I was slightly worried because while it was very clearly signed green, and didn’t look to have anything to it, a number of VERY competent skiers were also on this one... Which definitely had me wondering why. In the end I realized there were some snow structures that they could get some good air from. I realized this when I accidentally found myself on top of one. Lol physics for the win here - I was going so slowly it didn’t matter at all. But it showed me what to look for on other hills when there seemed to be good skiers for no reason…

I was having a really good time. Hill was super quiet (middle of the week the same wk as black Monday for the win). Which was great me. I never waited in line and I never had to worry that my zigzagging the hills would result in tragedy ;)

The lift pass, they wave some sort of scanner at you while you’re in line that clearly tells them you have one. I only noticed them checking occasionally although they definitely have one person whose job it is at every lift.   One of the lift attendants told me it tells them my name, what type of pass it is, and whether or not it's valid.

Eventually I noticed they’d turned the hill lights on. I *love* night skiing. Quieter, so peaceful, I’m a night person by every possible take on that so I feel much more alive at night, AND it takes my brain out of the equation - I can’t see the icy parts so I stop stressing about them. Therefore, the whole thing is way more fun.

I slowly was making my way back across the hills to end up at our hotel, but the last run I would have to make was a blue. And I was really enjoying my greens lol. So I did a bunch more of them on the way, some multiple times. Then I clued in that I should prob tackle said blue before I was physically exhausted so over I went. Well there was NOBODY on that hill. After dark it’s the farthest run (there are more in daylight) so I guess everyone not going “home” stayed in the main area. It was my favourite run! Lol no steep section to start and it was a curvy path. So of course I went back up and did it again, literally the only person on the run. And 2 deer ran out in front of me!!! It was completely majestic and I just stopped and watched them till they were long gone. When I got to the bottom I asked the lift operators (who were building snow men - I’m not exaggerating how quiet it was) how common that was. Apparently last year was every night but this year not often. Hopped back on the lift and on the ride up saw a third deer, smaller, looked like it was grazing, so when I skied back down I checked if it was still there and was so tried to take a pic. My phone cam is pretty crap at light though so disappointed in outcome. But still - magical.

Since my deer pic didn't work,
I took a snowman pic the next day :)

Did yet another run just cause, but borrowed snow pants were not waterproof and since this lift was not really being used, all the seats were covered in snow. After 3 or 4 runs I was soaked through and other people had appeared on the hill so I called it for day one.

Laura should be here any minute - she unfortunately had more transportation issues than I between snow, plows, and rush hour starting earlier than it’s supposed to thanks to people avoiding the storm. My legs will definitely feel it tomorrow.

But SO MUCH FUN. I wish we lived somewhere I could do this more regularly. This isn’t far, but it’s just far enough to make a random night ski not reasonable.

The things we do for our pets

Gratuitous Nola Picture

So I got a free cat...

Lol not really, I paid a little for her, or at least the vet work that had been done for her.  But some of you will remember the "So I got a free horse..." from many years ago that makes the rounds every couple years and this may resonate.

Enola came home with us, and since she was on trial, the bare minimum of stuff was acquired to support her (think compostable temporary litter bin, a cardboard box with air holes as her carrying container, a cardboard scratch pad, and free food).  We hadn't even made it home when that list expanded to include some basic toys and treats ;)

I'm not even sure the trial was officially over when that list expanded to make her as spoiled as our dogs ;).  A tree, a proper case, high quality food, ALL the toys and treats and scratchy things, etc.

But the latest bout of ridiculousness was as much about Enola's people as it was for Enola.   You see, feeding her on the ground is a problem, as the dogs still somehow out rank her in the hierarchy AND she is a grazer while they generally wolf down anything in sight.   Which means, her food on the ground means not only does she NOT get said food, but they also get EXTRA very high fat food.  Less ideal.

We also did not want her on the kitchen table or counters.   While she's allowed pretty much everywhere in the house, those spaces are no go zones -- which she mostly respects.   But I wasn't about to feed her there; that would definitely be sending the wrong message.

Now we do have a pass through between our kitchen and living room - this proved to be somewhat ideal as it's easily accessible to her, completely inaccessible to the dogs, and a location I don't mind her going.  Great.


It's been a number of years since I've had a cat, and I'd forgotten the overwhelming stench of their food.  Even the good quality food.  And on the passthrough, it gives that stench access to our entire downstairs.  Less good.

So okay, try with a side table that we could move elsewhere.  High enough - check.  Stable enough...?  Definitely not :(.  First time she jumped up with any force, well...   cat one direction, food another, and table yet another.  Broken cat dish.  Booo :( 

So then we tried with a square side table from our outdoor furniture.  Stable enough - check.  High enough?  Not quite...  It got her off the ground and away from Tucker, but Sasha was quite happy to polish off every meal she didn't finish.  Fail.

Go online to find other solutions - quite a few that involve sticking boards to walls, which would be okay, but most were really ugly.   Chris found one on Marketplace that looked great, but they were only selling the board - no hardware.  And at that price, I needed a full solution.  Fail.  Went to Ikea and a few other places and walked around looking at appropriate sized random furniture but most was either the wrong size, not stable enough, or too expensive.

Then we found a guy who makes cat tables for exactly this purpose?!?!  At a reasonable price!  Win.  The catch?   Windsor.

Yeah - by this point I was okay with that 😂.   He made us the table, and I went on my 7.5-ish hour round trip to go collect it.  Other than the 20 min snowstorm, was awesome.  AND the drive goes by the Cinnabon in the Flying J outside of London, so that's an extra win ;).  I definitely drastically underestimated how much past London Winsor actually is, but not tragic.

So now Nola has her own furniture, we generally don't smell the cat food, and Sasha stares longingly at the table that is too tall for her to get on.

My not-at-all-spoiled feline

For those who want to feel a bit better about their day...

I’m going to preface this with saying this story is only for those of you comfortable with the real life sides of dealing w animals ;).  You know who you are.   The rest of you - you have been warned.

An expert multitasker,
she is both our story's protagonist and antagonist ;).

So if you’re on my FB there’s pretty much no way you could’ve missed that we now have a feline addition to our house.

She’s an older kitten but still a kitten, and so much fun :)

As w most critters I encounter, I figured we should do some basic training.  Sit, high five, and “in the crate” are solid - so long as there are treats involved.  Recalls non-existent - pretty standard for a cat.   Getting much better about not scratching things and knowing which surfaces she’s not allowed to be on.  So all good - close to a solid family companion.

Life skills

Thanks to the internet, I also stumbled upon the idea that it’s possible to toilet train a cat.  Not litter - she came w that.  But actual toilet. 

Game on ;)

And until today, so far, so good.   We’re at the point now where her litter is essentially just under the seat - so she has to jump on the toilet to use the litter box, but otherwise it’s still a litter box (albeit a shallow one).  And it’s been pretty much no issue except that it requires more frequent cleaning that normal litter, and when she buries it, the litter flies a lot farther.  Short term pain for long term gain.

Today I had to go to the office.  We’ve been having issues w Tucker peeing when we both go out (behavioural not needs based) and because I just really didn’t want to deal w that, I left him w a good treat when we left (Sasha was w me - she spent the day w Bailey).  I swear this is related.

So back to Nola - in the entire time she’s been with us, there’s only ever been one accident and it was the night after we moved her box.  She’d been shown the box, but I think maybe lost it….  Before and since, no problem.   Her litter was spotless when I left, so I really didn’t stress about her.

Fast forward to when I got home.  Shortly after walking in the house all I could smell was excrement.  This is not good.   Took a quick look around the ground floor and nothing.  Smell gets significantly worse going upstairs.  Checked all the open rooms - nothing obvious. Looked at her hiding spots.   Still nothing.

It couldn’t possibly be in the litter bin and that foul could it?

Well no.  Not quite.  Went in the washroom and not only was the litter untouched, it was protected!   Oh fuck.   Pardon my language but you will understand shortly.  Somehow, the lid was down.  So Enola could NOT access her litter if she wanted to.   And where was the stench?!?!   

The tub.  I mean, credit to her to pick the best possible place.  But….  Remember Tucker’s super treat???    I’m guessing Enola had her share.   Sasha doesn’t get those treats because it gives her diarrhea.   Suffice to say the volume of fecal matter in the tub outweighed the cat :(.  In multiple deposits, most of which didn’t resemble solid.  And one tiny cat paw print.   It looks like self preservation cleanliness kicked in after the first effort and she balanced on the end of the tub.   But oh my god.  Explosive diarrhea on the day she was locked out of her litter and I wasn’t home to fix it.  This did not end well.   

For the record: I have looked after many tiny people, cleaned more stalls than anybody ever wants to count, had my arm all the way to my shoulder shoved up a horse’s ass (if you’re not a horse person that’s a literal statement - done while wearing a long glove) and cared for multiple pets of many species. This was among the worst I’ve dealt with. 

So lesson learned.  Tub is cleaned.  Multiple times.  Toilet lid is tied open.   I just really hope it didn’t scare her!   She hurt herself playing w a feather toy the other day and now she’s terrified of it.   That would put a significant complication in things.  So we shall see.

This is now a daemon-spawn toy, to be avoided at all costs.

And yes - she seems totally fine since I’ve been home :).  We’ll see over the next few days if it did irreparable damage to our training.

New year, new hobby?

lol okay so this has nothing to do with the new year.  As some of you may know, I continue my search for something new to do to replace the void left by the lack of eventing.  Fitness, goal setting, friends, stress relief (although admittedly also stress causing!)...  so much that I never really clued into was all tied to that.   And I've tried a wide variety of ridiculousness over the last few years.  Spanish and Piano both seem to stick, but neither of them address the fitness or the social aspects.  Sooo...


I'm not even kidding, although I probably should be.

I've always thought ballroom dance might be fun, and at one point (possibly while slightly intoxicated ;)) Chris agreed to go along with this idea.  Except...   We don't exactly live near options for learning anything.  I searched.  A lot.  And failed time after time.  One school I found but they were taking a term off.  lol that kind of thing.

But targeted ads remember...

So while there was nothing last year while I was looking, apparently a whole bunch start in Jan/Feb.  Random, but okay?!?!   Alas, while I now have a variety of options, none of them worked particularly well with our schedule (did you hear C's sigh of relief from there?).

The ad that started it all

BUT those same targeted ads also told me about a "ladies night" teaching beginner latin dance.   Now *that* could be fun.   I had some real hesitations though.   Let's start with my dance experience:

  • I have vague memories of a pink tutu when I was a tiny little person...  Maybe 6?   Idk, don't really remember.  I liked the tutu, I did not like the class.   I finished the term and that was the end of dance at an age when one can learn to dance ;-P
  • I signed up for beginner adult ballet in uni.  I was SO excited.  It was heartbreakingly awful.  I lasted exactly 2 classes.  I have vivid memories at being singled out and yelled at for not pointing my toes correctly (they were pointed, but not right).  No explanation of what right might be or how I should do it differently, just that it was wrong.  The rest of the class was no better.  In retrospect, that was definitely not an appropriate teacher for beginners, but at the time, it was just an all-round negative experience.
  • My sense of rhythm is questionable at best.  I'm really good when partnered with a horse.  With a person?  Not so much ;-P.  My piano adventures have highlighted this challenge.  It IS, thanks to said piano, improving.  But still pretty interpretive ;-P
  • I *cannot* dance.  I have never been able to dance.  I both feel and look incredibly, painfully, awkward.  I remember various friends over the years trying to teach me - from friends' basements as teenagers to at the club as a young adult.  No success.  Ever.   Even in VR it's pretty horrible.  I remember C walking in on my VR dance one day: "are you...  dancing?" lol.  It was a legitimate and valid question.  
  • My balance is excellent and coordination is usually pretty solid (yeah dressage!) - the problem is, my whole life has been targeting very subtle coordination and movement.  Dance is...  The opposite of that ;).    Also, I can work my feet, or I can work my arms but rarely both.  And if I try to actually move my body?  Well I have to make sure nobody calls the paramedics for some sort of medical emergency ;). 
  • And, sub-point, even if the coordination all aligns and all the body parts go where they're supposed to, it's the opposite of smooth and graceful.  Lol more like a slightly rusty robot is following poorly coded instructions.
So yeah, set up for success is not high.   However, I tagged a friend who is generally game for most adventures and convinced her to join me.  She loves to dance, but rates her skills about the same as mine ;).  

Reached out to the school and got very quick response with a positive approach and what seemed like a reasonable sense of humour so okay...   Age range 30-60, 20ish people in the class, complete beginners encouraged.  That means enough people to hide if needed, we won't be youngest or oldest, and hopefully our hopelessness wouldn't hold others back.

And today we went.  It's definitely in a not-great area of town, but the studio itself was a good size.  Looks like a repurposed church, but mirrors all lining one side like you'd find in most studios and lots of space for sure.

It was So. Much. Fun.  lol way better than I'd expected.   We learned the 101-very-basic-level intro of three dances: the merengue, bachata, and salsa.   The instructor is awesome.  Super welcoming, encouraging, and open.  And also breaks it down and simplifies things clearly.  Willing to repeat herself and demonstrate.  Answering all questions, seemed to be having a fun time, just all-round great instructor for beginner adults.  

AND...  We're not the worst ;-P.  lol we're pretty strongly right in the middle of the group.  Which, to me, in this case, means we're in exactly the right group ;).   In riding I always like to be at the bottom and scrap my way up cause I learn so much more so much faster.  But in riding, I don't feel like I borrowed someone else's legs for the day lol.

But yeah, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected and the time flew.  She kept it moving and didn't focus on any particular thing too long -- great intro class.  I definitely enjoy the more complicated / less reasonable parts more; I think because they take more of my attention and force me to completely check in to what I'm doing.  That and horrible failures make for better stories and the only way for truly horrible failures is to attempt the slightly insane ;-P.  Which, in my case, might be as simple as a spin ;)

Anyways - it's only Tuesday, yet somehow has already been a very long week, and I did not sleep well last night.  So this was a really lovely shift of both mood and enthusiasm.  Excited for next week.  Also, unlike Arial Silks, which I also loved but got super frustrated with, this one I CAN practice at home if I'm so inclined.  So the whole having to start over every week shouldn't be an issue.   So yeah, accidental targeted advertising win ;)