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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A day off!

hahaha yeah so the last time I was looking THIS forward to a day off was when Marg first started back to work after her heart attack. And there I'd been doing 14h days 7/wk for months. This has been not even a full week! And WAY less work for that week! But the diff is, of course, moving stress combined w/ less fit to begin w/ combined w/ stupid mountains. hahaha

Anyways -- I am now actually unpacked. So for about 2 mths I have a home. Thanks tons to the ladies who gave me the photo-bag for my bday -- turns out those are the only pics I have w/ me, so the bag is now hanging on the wall as a picture frame!

Drove into the little towns of Norwich (where I found a GREAT little bookstore) and Hannover (where Dartmouth College is) -- both were georgous. Old style buildings, beautifully kept up, tons of little independent shops, etc etc. If it's not raining on my nxt day off I'm going to go spend the day walking around.

It was nice out this aft, so I took a bunch of pics around home. They're here: if you're interested. Of course would've been PERFECT hacking weather but A - I didn't have anybody to hack w/ and am not supposed to go on my own till Cayman's more comfortable w/ it, and B - I figured he needed a day off as much as I did :)

Will return to the regularly scheduled horse-blog tomorrow :) There's a show, so I've no idea how that'll alter the daily activities (I'm obviously not going). And the BM's bday -- I heard a rumour of breakfast cheesecake >;-} No wonder I'm gaining weight! hahaha L8r.


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