Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Writing mostly cause I’m smiling :)

 So dance was a riot tonight.  Tonight was w partner and C was more on than I was lol.    They also had us switch partners???  That was definitely interesting and moderately useful.   Both J and I said it gave us a new appreciation for our partners ;).  Although it only just occurred to me now that neither the boys agreed.  Hmmm ah well ;)

Learning a new turn today and was a little more of a challenge because this coach doesn’t generally demonstrate the footwork for the women.   And when he takes a partner, it’s another student so highly unlikely they’ll get it exactly correct.   So I knew it wasn’t working but wasn’t till right at the end of the class that I figured out why.  Ah well - C had his part down at least ;).   And J had the exact same challenge I did so I feel like I wasn’t alone.  Fun though - amazing how much more you feel like you’re actually dancing when you can move around outside the beginner square ;)

Was a very long day, but that was a fun way to end it :)

I wanna dance with somebody…

Typing this on my phone so, well, you get what you get ;)   I know from prev exp that doesn’t always end well so if I can find time tomorrow, I’ll clean up formatting and maybe find a pretty picture. If. 

So C and I had our first partner dance lesson today (along w another couple we’re friends with).  This class is 6 wks of salsa lol.  I think swing would likely be more useful for us but it didn’t work from a schedule perspective so salsa it is.

I had so much fun and was so excited.  C, I think, less so lol.  But he’s humouring me and genuinely trying so I’m deeming that a win :)

It’s a different instructor from our women’s class and interesting to see the difference.  If I hadn’t had a few lessons already, the spin would’ve toasted me, but since we already learned the footwork for that one the only new part was which arm to duck under.

Also still in the women’s class which I’m loving.  The footwork is becoming significantly easier by this point - so of course trying to add in arms which instantly resets the whole balance.   I have no natural movement, but I’m getting better at learning to mimic those who do, and I feel like mimicry can take me quite a ways lol.   Youtube, pause, analyze, test, rinse and repeat.   Still feels ridiculous but I’ve been told it doesn’t look that way - albeit only by friendlies so definitely taken w a grain of salt lol 

It is fascinating to me how wildly my confidence fluctuates in those classes.   From sexy and confident to “if one person looks at me I will fall on my face” oh and btw, my arms were not invited to this party ;)

Because it’s round two there are some new people and it’s fun not being the least competent person.  That being said, this class has a ton from the last round, incl most of those who were really good (even one who’s - or was - a dance teacher herself), so this class is moving at a much faster pace than the last. Which I’m loving but would have really struggled had it been my first.

Have signed up for a few one-off sessions just cause I’m having so much fun w it.   But mostly I’m still grinning from getting to dance w somebody who loves me ;)