Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

My mind is gone. I could've sworn I put it somewhere safe, but now it seems pretty clear I've lost it!

edited to add: Ok so I wrote this and then decided it was possibly the most pointless combination of words I've ever put to paper -- and that is saying something! >;-P So read or not as you wish, but consider yourself forewarned!

Had an interesting experience today -- I entered a parallel universe. Seriously. There's no other logical explanation. Yes that's right, when I drove past the Ford plant, traffic accelerated! This has never happened in the reality I'm accustomed to. For as long as I can remember, every time I've driven west on the QEW I've been able to count on a nice long break at the Ford plant. Return some phone calls, read a novel or two, write my blog... >;-P Ok so that might be a *slight* exaggeration, but not much of one. I mean seriously, there's even a FB group about it! (ok I acknowledge that's not saying much, but still). I have spent a disturbing amount of my life sitting outside that rather blah building, but today... Today when I drove by there the world opened up, the other cars disappeared, and traffic flew! And I have to admit, I like this universe a whole lot better!

So the field trip at work today was to Scarborough; now no offense to any who may live in that unfortunate location, but I have to admit it was nowhere near as fun a field trip as the ROM *g*

My new challenge at work is to figure out how to actually get work DONE when I spend almost all my time in meetings! hahaha after all, Rome didn't create their empire by having meetings; they did it by killing all those who opposed them! This, however, is not seen as a viable solution. Something about customer-loyalty and repeat business. Sheesh.

Just to give you an idea of why I enjoy this office so much. At all the other office jobs I've had, on the first day, depending how organized they are, you are shown to what will be your desk -- in either an office or a cube. You're given a computer which may or may not work and is probably not connected to anything, a phone (see prev point about functionality), some pens, maybe a pad of paper... N that's about it. This is the experience I'm used to. However, this one is different right from the start -- it's a loft, so no cubes, no offices. Tables instead of desks, and computers with some of the most impressive monitors I've ever seen. Very kewl. But the really impressive and telling change was one of the simplest things. The pad of paper. Now I cannot do my job w/o said pad of paper, so I was happy to see that common standard was met on the first day. But man did it go to a whole new level. So what's so special about a pad of paper? Well this would be no normal white w/ blue lines and cardboard backing. Nope, cause this is a design firm. Black hardcover sketch-book. No lines :) Some of the guys were amused that by today, all of day three, the book is about 1/3 full of notes and has tons of colour-coded sticky notes involved *g* The queen of technology is functioning entirely by using some of the simplest technology ever! hahaha

awwww there are fewer truly intelligent people in the world today :( So very sad. The world just can't handle losing intelligent people!

Ah well. Early night tonight methinks! Night!

In which Mother Nature proves her power in the smallest of ways...

So I went out early this morning and it was stupidly cold outside. The kind of cold where the first breath you take freezes your lungs. Get in, start car, decide to be responsible and scrape the frost off the front window so I can possibly SEE out it... (there was, in fact, an internal debate about this "well it'll melt by the time I get on the highway..." etc etc -- the good angel won. This one.) Anyways -- scrape away at the frost, which of course leads to little tiny snow mounds on the windshield. Yeah and? I'm Canadian, this is not new. Ok turn brush over to sweep them away right? Yeah, brush hits windshield and. . . CLUNK. Huh? Even my not-quite-awake brain registered that this was not normal. Nor was the banging sound as I attempted, failing miserably, to brush the tiny snow mounds off the windshield. Yes that's right, by 6:30 this morning I had been sorely beaten by Mother Nature herself. There were significantly sized ice chunks IN my snow-brush. Now maybe this is a more common phenomenon than I'm aware of. It certainly makes logical sense. But this was definitely the first time since I began driving @ 16 that I've experienced it. Entirely destroyed the usefulness of the brush. But it also amused me, so hey -- as long as it's not repeated, it's all good :) As to the tiny snow mounds? They were conquered by the all-powerful windshield wipers.

Ok have to say I'm absolutely loving the new job. And I know that once I get them organized (prob a month or three :) it won't be nearly as interesting, but for the moment it's a blast. N after that it should still be good.

Went on a field trip to the ROM today. They're a client, so my boss wanted to introduce me and demo some of the work we've done there. Went in the back entrance, got all signed in w/ security and funky badges to wear *g* But the truly interesting part was getting to go in the locked rooms where the displays that aren't out yet are being put together. That pretty much made my day :) The timing was interesting too since I'm expecting to be back there (as a normal visitor) on Sat.

Had a blast riding OPHs (that'd be other-people's-horse s) tonight. It seems strange after so many years where nothing could top riding my own horse. I'd ride others all the time, but I always liked mine better. Now, not so much. But who knows -- maybe she'll get there in time. This is far more likely if I actually start riding her >;-P hahaha you think?

It's off to work I go...

So the new job is a blast. Insane, but definitely not boring. hahaha Working w/ six guys, one of whom I've yet to meet, but all who were there today seemed great. Highly entertaining and ridiculously good at their jobs. Learning to navigate the Mac environment. Some of it is great, but I keep going to right-click and that just really doesn't work... and short-cut keys that I use automatically on PC do strange and unusual things in the Mac -- n since it is *literally* automatic, I don't realize I've done it until something strange happens I have to think back to which keys I hit. hahaha

So after work went spinning -- I'm entirely exhausted now. Physical exhaustion was good for the mental exhaustion, but still seemed a little excessive overall.

Riding tomorrow :)

Quick update

So I made the right choice -- Si's legs looked all good today... :) Was very happy to see that. I can't get over how SOFT she is w/ her fuzzy winter coat... I wonder if it might be the first one she's ever grown. hahaha

Must sleep now.

Happy Birthday Kerri!!!!!!

Ok everybody now!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ker-ri....
Happy birthday to you!

Yup, that's right, Kerri is now officially . . . OLD! >;-P Nah nah :) We needn't mention that she is still *technically* younger than me, cause well, I'm still getting carded to buy video games so clearly not yet old *g* hahaha But more seriously, Ker, you're awesome, and I hope you have an amazing birthday! And then an even better year!

Now as to the better year part of things in my end -- last year was so entirely full of drama, both the ups and the downs, that if it's anywhere near remotely close (oxy moron much? Sheesh >;-) to being as ummmm interesting, well I just don't know where to go w/ that. hahaha suggestions for how to top it this year? I'm still stunned at most of last year. hahaha but ok, time to move on. And in moving on...

I got a new job!!! Woohoo :) It's official now; I start on Monday. Doing the project-management thing for a very kewl graphic design company. I am *really* looking forward to it. It's a small, fun company and the work should be both interesting and varied. And busy! And we all know how key that is to me :) Cause, well, we've seen what happens when I'm bored >;-P hahaha So anyways, just thought I'd share. Not quite the same as raking pine-straw I know, but hey it's good to have varied interests :)

As to the interest we all share -- I taught a mini-lesson the other day to a non-student (as in I wasn't supposed to be teaching, and she's not technically my student, but I was there and these things happen)... Anyways -- like 5 minutes to fix a gap in knowledge rather than ability that led to a lightbulb moment for her. And reminded me of how much I love teaching. That moment where something you've said makes an obvious difference to somebody else and you're soooo proud of them for getting it (esp if they've been your student for a long time -- not the case here, but sometimes :) and they're soooo excited cause they *know* it's made a difference, and then you're excited cause they're excited, n it's just all good. And spending the winter w/o teaching is just waaaayyyy too long. S, P and N you guys *have* to come home soon :) You were lighting up the countryside w/ the lightbulb moments at the end of last summer -- clearly time to recreate that! hahaha Once I find you something to ride that is! Anybody else wants the occasional lesson, I've decided to do the freelance thing for this summer -- just give me a shout :) In all my free time that is >;-P hahaha

So I'm getting better at DDR -- still a long way to go, but there's less tripping over my own feet *g* and I have to say that I still feel that using Friendship mode is cheating! But then, otoh, aren't friends there to help you get through life's difficult challenges? So maybe it's kewl that they can get you through video game challenges too >;-P Back to that whole life vs art thing. Why *should* you have to do it all alone, it's not cheating to let your friends help once in a while (or twice... or a few zillion times...) hahaha It's a good thing I have awesome friends eh? Have I said happy birthday yet Kerri?

Miss Sienna felt the need to scrap it out w/ her pony companions -- probably only a few mins before I went to visit her this morn (judging by the status of the battle-scars)... She is going to be one very sore little TB tomorrow :( But nothing tragic, just one very large scary-looking scrape, and some other smaller (but scarier) ones to keep it company. The plus side is that being out in the snow when she did it all scrapes were clean and cold so I figured it was just as well to leave her out there than to bring her in (where she'd spin herself if she was alone) and wrap her... We'll see tomorrow if that was the right call -- but I'm reasonably confident it was. On the plus side -- the way she's been behaving the last few days, she's definitely feeling good! hahaha the first couple rides could be back in that "interesting" category. Well we shall see. Either it'll go well, and I'll be thrilled, or it won't, and I'll have something to write about >;-P Either way I win :) It's all in how you look at things!

The Road Not Taken - Frost

For any who skipped English class that day and so don't get the ref in my sidebar... I've never been big on poetry of any sort, but this one poem has always resonated w/ me. I'm sure you'll see why.


The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost (1920)

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

n for the English majors out there, yes I *get* that this is often misinterpreted/reinterpreted in ways it was perhaps not intended, and I understand all too well the importance of the tense shifts etc. But honestly, I don't care :) It *still* suits me perfectly even WITH the non-hallmark reading. >;-P Just enjoy it.

The Fitness Edition

So I have to admit, I've been having a blast riding other people's horses lately -- I have a new appreciation for "broke" and "rideable" hahaha. Neither of which Si is *yet* :) Made a bit of a fool of myself riding today -- nearly got spun off one horse (well not really in danger of coming off, but closer than was really graceful) and then jumped out of the tack by a horse I didn't expect to actually jump! hahaha so much for professional. But on the plus side I had a blast doing it and owners are great so it's all good :) N hey -- I haven't ridden in like a week! I'm clearly out of practice!

And as for not being ridden, Miss Sienna is gaining weight and very happy in her current location. I don't think she's going to be thrilled w/ me when I move her... That being said, after much searching, some of it very disappointing, I have found a place for her and she'll be moving March 1. Decent sized indoor, excellent care. Reasonable location. Only down side is said location has *no* hacking. None. Not so good for training an eventer :( So may be on the search again in a few months with the good weather, but we'll see...

Finally got to read the third book in the "green rider" series -- now I need the fourth one! And of course, no indication whatsoever when it might be published. Sheesh. Really liked the first book, didn't like the 2nd at all -- kind of a failed second novel, so wasn't holding out much hope for the third. But it may well be the best one yet.

Have been playing w/ alternative forms of exercise lately given the whole not riding regularly thing... So for riding muscles, pilates still tops the list. Brutal, but effective. For XC fitness, spinning. It's all about spinning. I learned really fast that you can cheat by shifting your weight just a little forward and straightening a bit. hahaha but if you do it properly and keep your seat out behind you it's all about the gallop muscles. N if it were a normal Feb and I wasn't doing XC 2 wks ago, that class would've def toasted me. So effective, but boring. N when I'm bored my mind wanders in strange and unusual ways *g* However I've been told that other coach's (is that the right word in this case?) classes are more interesting so we'll see. Oh but for those who haven't done it, if you try a spin class, remember you can NOT cruise. If you stop pedaling you get catapulted over the handlebars. Just an FYI. >;-P Fortunately I was warned ahead of time (thanks Jen!!!) and, of course, felt the need to test that -- it works >;-P

Still playing w/ the wii-fit, not so much for riding but it's good for body-awareness and just semi-entertaining if not overly stressful fitness. However, it too is getting boring. I really like the step class, but it's exactly the same every time -- Bev and I have decided we need a bigger/more interesting version of it... Ditto for the running imo. However, topping the wii-fit is DDR. hahaha now we all know I have *no* natural dance ability whatsoever -- as this thoroughly proves. Really can't (yet) do anything beyond beginner level *sigh* But is it ever entertaining. Can anybody out there tell me how, exactly, one is able to step on three squares at the same time w/ only two feet? hahaha

hmmmm let's see what else... Indoor rock-climbing was a blast :) Highly entertaining. And at the time seemed like a good workout (as in everything was sore when I left >;-p), but the next morning was like I hadn't done anything so prob not really that much of a challenge. I could easily see getting addicted to the challenge of that one if it weren't so far away.

Any other random winter fitness suggestions for She Who Has No Interest In Joining A Gym?

Write things worth reading or live things worth writing...

I've had a few people ask me if I'm going to continue the blog -- with the implication being they'd like me to :) Was rather flattered by that (thank you! :) but am not entirely sure what to write about now that I'm back to *normal* life (who am I kidding -- I don't do normal. Normal people don't take 6 mths off to go riding :)... Does life inspire art, or art life? Riding (aka Life) to blog -- that part made sense to me. Blog to life... Well I guess we'll find out. Let's see... Maybe all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Oh wait, that's been done >;-P

Ok for the record, to justify my random babbling, it's the middle of the night and I am definitely not asleep, and figured for lack of anything better to do, I'd post something here. Consider yourself forewarned! I also cannot see the screen w/o my contacts in, so will be a testament to my grade 9 typing teacher if this is at all legible! hahaha "A, S, D, F . . . F, D, S, A" -- I can still hear her droning repetition. But, evidently, it worked.

I guess I should change the title of this blog, but let's be honest, I like the one that's there :) Although perhaps the description could use an update -- and once I figure out what, if anything, this is about, I'll update it. It's the Seinfeld of blogs -- about nothing and everything simultaneously. Particularly sad as I didn't enjoy Seinfeld (yes, I admit it! See above paragraph where it was acknowledged that normal I am not >;-P) hahaha so I'm not sure exactly what that says about it's potential success, but we shall see. Guess that's what most blogs are about though -- tis kind of how they came into existence! hmmmm I wonder if the non-horse-people who've been reading this (they're out there, seriously! But I'm not entirely sure why :) will enjoy this version more??? Of course the flip side may be that all the horse-people stop reading. Ah well, what can ya do eh?

For the horse-people: Sienna is well settled in her new, if temporary, home. She has new paddock buddies that she gets along well with and seems to have acclimatized well to winter. Admittedly it turned to spring shortly after we arrived home, so that's not as great an accomplishment as it might've been, but still a good thing :) Si is getting Feb off, although if this warm weather keeps up I'll be on her bareback in the paddock *g* Was *very* tempted today! I have decided that I really despise barn shopping and would much rather just come into a small fortune so I could start my own place *now* and not have to go through it. Is that really so much to ask? The place that has everything I want, won't take the truck and trailer -- which doesn't seem like a big deal till you discover how much it'd cost to store those elsewhere! And the other places are, so far, not proving to be what I'm looking for... *sigh* Ah well, we shall see. Still have a couple to look at, so fingers crossed. Or maybe an arena will magically grow attached to the barn where Si currently is :) Oh comeon -- allow me my dreams. That's got to be just as realistic as winning the lottery!

I have created a wii-me (wii-mi?) hahaha and have been playing w/ wii fit. Imagine my surprise to discover I'm apparently a pro hoola-hooper (no comments necessary ;) and tight-rope-walker... But it's a *very* good thing I never took up soccer!!! hahaha but then, how often do people throw shoes and stuffed-pandas at you on the soccer field? And while we're at it -- if you have to hit something w/ your forehead, wouldn't you *rather* hit a stuffed panda than a hard soccer ball? And on a fitness note, tell me, if I run 5k on the wii fit does that count to cross it off the "30 things" list??? Cause their scenery is way nicer than ours! And warmer!

As to finding a job, or one I'd *like* that is, well that's so far proving to be a challenge. One interview lined up, but other than that, not much... N while I'd *love* to apply for the "Best Job in the World" ( -- which, by the way, would make this a really exciting blog again *g* -- I'm afraid I don't have the creativity or video skills to come up w/ a good enough application video to beat out the million or so other applicants. hahaha open to suggestions if anyone wants to help! :) Cause let's be honest, if you know anything about me you know I'm going to at least try! hahaha why not help me make it a *good* try?!?!?! But as to the more traditional job search, I suspect it'd help a whole lot if I had even a *slight* idea what I wanted to do... Sheesh. Def have to start teaching riding again soon though -- really missing that.

So it occurs to me that this is an awfully long blog entry to say absolutely nothing :) No lessons, no theory... Will hopefully have more horses to ride soon to tell stories about, but nothing concrete yet. Ah well. Managing to be ridiculously busy given that I'm theoretically not doing anything. hahaha classic. Well classic for me anyway >;-} But @ least I'm enjoying myself. N seeing my friends again has been amazing! Internet is great for keeping in touch, but nowhere near the experience of *actually* seeing people! hahaha imagine that eh?

Ok well I'm still wide awake, but I think that's enough randomness for the evening :) Night!

Who says you can't go home?

We made it!

Miss Sienna had *no* interest in getting on the trailer in the am, and really can't say I blame her for that -- I didn't particularly want to get back in the Beast either! She wasn't bad about it -- just planted her front feet in front of the ramp and declared she wasn't moving "and you can't make me!" hahaha She'd really much rather stay w/ her new Morgan friends. John (one of the B&B owners) helped me and between the two of us, a lunge line, and a bucket of grain (why do I have the only horse is the world who's *not* motivated by food???) we got her on after not toooooo long. She travelled really well this time though, although apparently had a bit of a temper tantrum when I was in doing customs stuff -- I wasn't there for that, but heard about it *g*

Customs was easy -- probably at least partially cause it was deserted! hahaha walked in and there were about 10 agents standing around passing time. I was literally the only customer (for lack of a better word :) And then I guess Si was the first horse they've dealt w/ since the new requirements came in so three of them were gathered around looking at it and comparing it to the email they had received (HUGE thanks to Edwina - the vet in Southern Pines - for being on the ball there and getting everything I needed even though they changed the req's *after* she'd already filed the paperwork for me!!!) But yeah, customs guys were friendly and helpful and got us through w/ no grief and much faster than I'd expected.

She got off the trailer at Lisa's, took one look at the white stuff on the ground, and tried to get back on! hahaha but after that she just walked off, looked around, and was fine. No spinniness or dancing around or anything. I was so impressed (and yes I know she's probably exhausted, but still, adrenaline generally outweighs exhaustion in these circumstances).

It's snowing out now -- big fluffy flakes. Ah well -- if it has to be winter, may as well be pretty eh? Ok off to unpack and run a zillion errands or so (if you think that's hyperbole you should see my to do list!!!). Maybe tomorrow I can sleep. hmmmmm where have I heard *that* before???

On the road again...

So my last ride on Smokey was amazing. John (Smokey's owner's husband, who also took me hunting) took me out on the foundation (4000 acres of riding land -- sand trails etc) for an awesome hack with some random hunt fences thrown in :)

Well I'm now in Pittsburgh... Staying @ an amazing B&B ( -- if you're ever in the area, esp if you have a horse w/ you, I highly recommend it!!!! Sienna loaded brilliantly, had a minor meltdown on the trailer (lathered herself up etc) but then trailered the rest of the way well. Spun herself when we got here, but again settled reasonably well. She seriously stressed me out by not drinking *anything* all day, but was good overnight. The people here are amazing -- let me turn Si out in a paddock where she could see their horses till she chilled, checked on her *way* after I had gone to bed (which I hadn't asked for, they just popped in while I was feeding in the morning to let me know how much she had drank then), etc etc. Super nice and helpful people. The house has a cottage feel to it. With nick-nacks everywhere, wooden floors/beams/etc, and tons of videos. They do have satellite tv and internet though so a good combo of rustic and modern.

Ok have to run, time to reload Sienna. More later :)