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So (comparatively :) short post today cause A, I'm exhausted, B, I have a TON of work for BI to do (yeah the ones who actually PAY me :), and C well really if they're all crazy long nobody'll keep reading -- n it'd really suck to be writing to nobody!

The main purpose of the post: -- photos from Tamarack. Enjoy :)

Today's lesson was dressage, and was short cause really Cayman was a *little* tired after yesterday :) Focus was rhythm, rhythm and . . . oh yeah -- rhythm!!! (want to guess how many tries it took me to spell that right? Sheesh). And the rhythm we're supposed to have is significantly more forward than I expect -- hahaha after years of "slow down. slow down. SLOW DOWN!" in every lesson on every horse this is quite the change :) But then C's not my usual type of horse either. Anyways after much frustration (trying to make a horse who's both lazy AND tired go, and go properly, from *subtle* aids is not the easiest thing to accomplish) we finally got a "very good" and "you rode that well" -- which of course had me beyond thrilled. Then we got excused to go for a hack. Much better. Gorgeous day. New hacking buddy who doesn't like other horses and walks a million miles a minute (particularly dramatic when the average snail would've passed C today!) -- but I really like her rider so was still fun. C did perk up when we got on the XC course though -- thought that was sort of interesting.

Tonight we went for a handwalk and graze -- accomplishes two things: helps make him fatter and teaches him "to be a horse". :-P hahaha You'd think that'd sort of come installed, but evidently not. He was great. Around the orchard, up and down the bank, by the xc jumps, past the scary feeder etc etc etc. Wanna guess where he lost it? Yeah that'd be when we found the dressage ring. Sheesh. Of all the things I can legitimately expect him to be kewl about. But no, evidently not. Classic eh?

Ah well. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


his mom and grandma told him DR is NOT fun. Blech! and after a few days of hacking playing, leaping, spinning, galloping and JUMPING - wheeeeeeee - there would be grave concern that all fun things you've done are a clever ploy to get him back into the dressage ring- perhaps? ergo- total body pout :(


haha i love it....sounds like your having way too much fun. Did i mention we think your "crazy" over here at the dressage barn!!LOL If i was you id probably be crying like a baby and ready to come home.LOL


hahaha Kristy I'm convinced you all thought (knew?) I was crazy long b4 I left! :) If I'd stayed longer I would've converted you!!! Comeon I even got Mary to jump over something >;-P

Barb I think you may be onto something. "We're in a dressage ring -- better hallucinate to make it as much fun as jumping!" Ironically the one thing he didn't spook @ was the judge's booth!


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