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Dressage theory

Ok so we were supposed to jump but it was torrential rain out and there's a distinct lack of jumps in the indoor :( booo. So more dressage. On the plus side, Mr C was being a superstar! Crazy power trot -- all I could think was "I'm sooo glad he's not fit enough for me to sit on yet" hahaha cause there's no way I could've sat that trot w/o looking like an idiot :)

Some spookiness but nowhere near as exciting as yesterday -- def still not sure about Denny though! hahaha prob doesn't help that the man NEVER stops moving! :)

So today's theory was about dividing the body into thirds (ala Sally Swift). He said from your knees to the 1st rib 'belong' to the horse -- in that it should go w/ the rhythm and be able to influence the rhythm. The lower-leg is for signaling and should be really subtle. Upper body works as a balancing aid and hands and arms for reins -- again focusing on subtle etc.

Was quite interesting -- and like I said, Cayman was a star. But really, this rain has to END so we can JUMP!!!! hahaha


LOL... face it, you're doomed to the life of a DQ >:-P


I take SERIOUS issue with anyone purporting that it's the DQ's life for me!!!


LOL I LOVE that Cayman learned to TYPE b4 he learned to JUMP! Sheesh


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