Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

hmmm is this "the bad" or "the ugly"?

Well I did promise to post ALL the experiences :)

So I get on for another dressage lesson -- things start out as expected... A bit of review of the concepts from the day before, lots of walking etc... Then we're told to halt. Np. Chilled out, bit of a long rein. All is good. Then Denny comes over to show me something. Well Cayman lost it. Up and spins and then adds in a little buck for good measure -- I was off and on the ground b4 I had any idea what was going on and Cayman was on his way back to ON!!!! (BTW -- he CAN gallop :) There was another girl riding in the ring @ the time so she chased after Cayman and eventually caught him and brought him home for me. The maneuver was deemed "very athletic" hahaha. Lucky me. Why does this sound awfully familiar?

So Denny takes him and walks him around a bit but Cayman's clearly not happy about it. I got him back and he chilled right out. Ok got back on, finished the lesson (again pretty well a repeat of yesterday's) no problem. Lesson's over and Denny says "I'm going to come over to your horse again -- don't fall off this time." hahaha and that's soooo the kind of thing I would say it totally relaxed me :) Anyways he comes over to him really slowly and C tensed but allowed him to come near. The second he touched him though C left again (this time I was awake so stayed ON the horse - practical application of rule #1!!!!).

Very odd reaction though -- I *think* it's sound based and he really didn't like Denny's jacket (crisp windy fall day, was windbreaker was crinkling etc) Anyways -- I was told to work w/ the local "ground-training" person to chill him out so we're supposed to start that tomorrow. We'll see.

Went for another hack (w/ our babysitter -- who was the same horse who went and caught him after he sacrificed me to be eaten by the lions) and he was still looky but a ton more relaxed about it than the last time, so that was good.

As for me -- I'm ridiculously stiff and sore but nothing tragic.


Oh my goodness! You really paint a mental picture. :)


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