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The great(?) USofA...

NO MARS BARS!!!! ARGH!!! Went through aisle after aisle of Hallowe'en candy searching and there are NONE. Then I realized there aren't any in the normal candy aisle either... How are Mars bars strictly Canadian? Usually I'd say that's wonderful -- but less so when I'm not home! hahaha And no little caramel squares either -- really, why even bother with Hallowe'en? Sheesh.

Also searched in vain for a magic bag (think microwaveable bean bag that goes around your neck). They don't exist :( Eventually found a very poor substitute -- but it's not long enuff :( Blah.

There're also no ketchup chips (I can live w/o those -- but it def made the decison of do I want doritos or ketchup chips a non-issue :)

And no KD-cups... They have KD (although it's called something diff, but it's still the same) but not those wonderful new microwave cups.

So much for the most developed country in the world!


this would be about the time that you send urgent requests for care packages from friends north of the border


hahaha would def be welcome :)

Address is on FB *hint hint*

I'll soooo be collecting mars bars when I come home @ Xmas!

Oh well -- maybe I'll get skinny this way! None of the junk I like to eat is available!


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