Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The one thing scarier than cows...

is Fjords!!!! hahaha they kinda smell like horses, move like horses, but man they just don't LOOK like horses. CLEARLY they're aliens attempting to impersonate (imhorseate?) horses!!! And really, doing a pretty miserable job of it. RUN!!! RUN while you still can!!! hahaha or @ least that's what RC and his other afraid-of-cows hacking buddy thought. Could feel his heart pounding rapid-fire. hahaha poor guy :)


But you can do fun things like this with a Fjord!


hahaha just think how artistic you could be!!!

Poor horse.


I'm sure I saw one once where they'd managed to clip hearts into it. All I can say is that those are some very patient horses, or else the owners have really good drugs!


hahaha some people have entirely too much free time!


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