Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

While most holiday trappings I can generally do without, there are a few Christmas things I really like, the tree being high on the list.  I've always had a tree -- even living in my tiny little apartment I had a pocket-sized tree with micro decorations.  Just makes me smile when I walk in.

Unfortunately this year, our house is in a state of chaos and not all that tree-suitable.  So I was thinking of just a little one -- it could fit on our coffee table even :)   Reasonable, and would still make the house smell Christmasy.

So Chris does the smile n nod thing and we go to Home Deopt (of course, where else would you buy a Christmas tree?  Silly me for expecting a garden centre...) and walk right past the tiny trees.  Because you see, our coffee table is fairly valuable real estate at the moment, so we may as well get a real one.

Okay great :)  I loved last year's tree.  All good.  But wait, it's highly plausible that this will be the last year we have the awesome high ceilings.  It would be a shame to waste the opportunity.  We should get a big tree while we can.

Cool -- I move over a few aisles to the 6-7' range.  Find a good one and we start to leave with it.  But...  Why not get a *really* big one?

Hahaha indeed.  We walked out with the biggest of the 9' ones we could find ;)   Chris trimmed it down a little so he could get the star on top -- it's a little lopsided as it bumps into the ceiling beam ;)   But I feel it gives it character.   What we didn't entirely account for is that with height comes width.  And while our living room is very high, it's not terribly wide.  hahaha going to be fun navigating for the next couple weeks.  It does make Chris' ridiculously large TV look a little more proportionate though.  Clearly time for a new TV ;-P   Or maybe not.  Definitely not.

Can't get far enough away to get *both* top and bottom of the tree in the pic ;)
But as excessive as it may be, the tree is awesome and makes the house smell amazing.  The dogs are a little confused, but, let's be honest here, that's a pretty standard state of affairs.  Now just have some wrapping to do and then good to go :)   More excited than usual for Christmas this year.  AND I actually get it off.  What a luxury!