Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

Fair warning:  It is about 1:30 am and I'm thumb-typing this on my phone.   

It's been an entertaining few days :)

Fri was my birthday, which I firmly believe should always be spent having fun ;).  Chris had to work in the am so I took the dogs for an extra long park adventure which was a fairly perfect start to the day.  Then when he came home we went to Darien Lake.  I really wanted a water park and Wild Water Kingdom is apparently closed.  Fail.  Wonderland is crazy expensive so we figured we'd go try that one.

Yeah.  Incredibly disappointing.  There were a grand total of 7 slides going (discounting the "gentle") ones.  That's not 7 sets, 7 total.  One was by itself so we did it first and it was actually very cool - have never been on anything like it.  An inflatable tube ride where you're basically shot into a funnel till you run out of impulsion and slide back down and up the other side (think snowboard halfpipe) until you eventually run out of power and float out the end.  This would've been all kinds of awesome if not for the 45ish minute wait.

So remaining was a set of four slides that intertwined that all require inflatable tubes, and a set of two that did not.  So we went up to the one that didn't need them.  From the ground it just looked like every other tube slide out there -- you'll be in a dark, enclosed, tube that twists and turns to the bottom.  Nbd.  But the line.  If I'd realized how slowly it was going to go, I'm not sure I would've been dedicated enough to try.  Line was well over an hour - for a 10 second ride.   The only thing that made this ride interesting was the start: you stand up in a tube (think Jetsons) and the floor drops out from under you.  It was an interesting experience. Not actually as intense as I'd expected it might be but definitely different!   Would've done that one again but, hour + wait.

And on that wait we heard the wait for the other set of slides was more than an hour and a half.  Ummm no thanks.  By this point I was so cold I was shaking. 

So yeah - all the way there for two water slides.  Fail.   Got dressed and went to wander around the park.  Chris picked the wooden roller coaster cause it seemed gentle and he knows I don't like roller coasters.  What he didn't know was how much worse the wooden ones are.  I've tested this theory a couple times, but this one was the worst.  

He seemed to find it moderately amusing but me... Not so much.  We wandered a bit to let my stomach settle and Chris wanted to do an upside down one.  This doesn't bother me in the least!  Lol cause well, I never do things the easy way.  But in reality it's the drop I hate and loops don't have the same drop feeling so they don't bother me at all.   So we did one of those that resembled Wonderland's Bat which was so much more civilized than that nightmare wooden monstrosity ;)

Wandered a while longer but didn't find anything particularly appealing -- more than half the rides we're running.   So after a grand total of 4 rides, we went home.  Pretty sad.

We did stop for a fairly amazing dinner on the way though which was very nice :). And may or may not have detoured through the Cheesecake Factory on the way home.  Also very civilized.  I'm pretty glad we don't have those easily accessible ;)

So then woke up stupidly early on Sat and went to ride, but sadly pony was fairly footsore so that didn't work terribly well.  Fail.

Went home and ran some errands (including picking up my awesome new - excessively large - photo printer.  Thanks hon :). Then hop on the train to go to the Roger's Centre for the Guns N Roses concert.  Surprised?  Yeah, not a line I ever expected to write ;). But I generally like concerts and C was really looking forward to it so why not?

So the people watching was fairly entertaining.  Age range about 10-70, which is fairly impressive all on its own.  I was surprised at how young some were but even discounting the extremes, there was still an impressive variety of people.    Show was supposed to start at 8:30 - and opening act was before than and done by then.  Stadium was still half empty.   GnR took the stage a little after 9:30 and by that point it was packed.

Sitting next to me (and in half of my seat) was an excessively obese man.  Had to wonder what would happen if someone his size had had my ticket.  And while the empathetic part of me realizes he has to be fairly miserable -- or at very least uncomfortable -- the other half of me says if I were that large, I would buy two seats.  It was kinda ridiculous.  Fortunately, the row wasn't packed and C and I were able to move over one seat and get some breathing room.   Unfortunately that put me directly below somebody who clearly had more money than brain cells as he twice managed to soak me with very expensive beer (like hair and shirt dripping).  I thought I'd escaped beer showers by the time I left uni.  It was an experience I could've done without repeating.  He later tried to rectify the situation by dumping water on me instead.  Lovely.

The guys in front were amusingly enthusiastic and I suspect also soaking the people in front of them -- except they knew the people in front of them so somehow not quite so bad ;)   I was also highly amused that throughout the second half of the show they were continually shouting for "Patience" -- of all the titles they could have picked... ;)

The show itself was pretty good.  I was surprise at how little interaction there was either between the band members or between the band and the audience.  But so be it.  It was very high energy, decently long, and good enough video that even swinging from the ceiling, we could still see :).   Axl has had some hard years and was almost sad to watch.  Like the guy who tries to fit into his rebel clothes for his 40th high school reunion.  The two guitarists and the drummer though were awesome to watch, so it balanced out.  And miscellaneous fireworks are always fun.

We left slightly early to catch the train, only to sit for 25 mins while they waited for the concert to let out.  *rolling eyes*. Ah well.   About half way home now, with a train packed full of people who evidently never take the train, but my phone's about to die so I'm off.  Looking forward to bday dinner w my family tomorrow :)


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