Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Life Lessons Learned at the Barn

So I found this in a drafts folder from when I had GRS.  I assume I originally planned to do something with this, but since I have no idea what it might've been, and it made me slightly nostalgic, I thought I'd go ahead and post.   Enjoy :)


Don't look back. When you hear the telltale thunk of your horse's hoof hitting a rail, don't look back. You can't do anything about it now, looking back distracts you from your ride to the next fence, and worrying about it can destroy an otherwise recoverable situation.

If you're not sure, fake it.  Convince your horse this is a good idea and you'll soon discover it's no problem.  Ride up to an obstacle saying "ummmm I don't know about this one...." odds are good your horse will agree.  This also works when trying to convince your boss of just about anything *g*

Speed kills.  Regardless of whether riding, driving, or doing drugs.  Teach all new skills slowly and never ride faster than you can steer.

Ride forward. Most of the problems on course come from checking when you should be riding forward.  Now substitute "life" for "course".

Ride every stride.  Also translates to live in the moment.  Focusing solely on the final goal without attention to the details that'll get you there will end in failure most of the time.  Ride this step, then the next one, then the one after that, and eventually you'll get there.  And if you can, enjoy the trip :)  Life's not about the end goal, it's about the journey.

Cowgirls don't cry. aka If it ain't fatal, it's funny.  You feel off - who cares?  You failed the exam - not the end of the world...  Ask yourself, in five years from now, will this matter?  If the answer's no, laugh, have a drink (age appropriate people!), and let it go.