Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

What goes up must come down....

Woohoo! 3 weeks till we go south!!! Got the official date today -- n it's *much* earlier than originally stated. I'm THRILLED! hahaha can't wait :)

So dressage lesson today was pretty good -- a repetition of one of my first ones here... Training pyramid (rhythm, gelassenheit - suppleness, contact . . . etc -- we don't even discuss the other levels :) -- focus on relaxation, correct muscle use, and rhythm. hahaha @ one point he was demonstrating muscle X is in use (just below the crest -- sorry my anatomy is failing me @ the moment n that book is DEF packed away in storage :) and how soft and flopping the lower neck was etc etc -- and all I could think of was Marg's steak analogy -- which I have to admit has always creeped me out a bit *g*. Clearly shouldn't have lessons right b4 lunch time!

Horse was going *really* well by the end though so I was quite happy about that. N positional issues appear to be gone. I asked about it today and he looked at me like I had three heads -- apparently the way it goes is if he's not correcting it, it must be right. hahaha I can understand that -- I know I've been guilty of doing it to ]my students in the past. Maybe I should try "what are my things?" and see what answer I get eh Stephy? :) Actually from Denny I'd prob get a novel length answer! Could be brilliant. That or I'll get the three-head look again *g*
Will try on next flat day.

Which is not tomorrow because tomorrow is XC!!!! woohoo!!! Was really funny to listen to Denny going around this morning to ask each person separately (I just happened to be where I could hear all the conversations) "the weather's supposed to be excellent, do you want to do XC tomorrow?" hahaha you can bet nobody said no :) That's one of those questions you really don't have to ask at an eventing barn... N then all morning the atmosphere in the barn was amazing cause everybody was all excited for tomorrow. hahaha the little things in life eh?

Went on an AMAZING hack this aft. Parts of the property I didn't know existed. But straight UP the mountain -- which is brilliant, till you realize you have to come back DOWN!!! I now understand how cats climb trees and get stuck. I've never been afraid of heights, but man I def had a few moments sitting at the top of said mountain thinking getting off the horse and sitting down before we fell down would be a really good idea (although the view was spectacular!!! If we go up there again, I'm bringing my camera :) hahaha omg seriously though, all you DQs out there who want to improve your seat -- ride straight DOWN a mountain! Scariest thing ever, but my position was brilliant outta self preservation!!! hahaha and if you lean forward you're dead so it's best if you don't do that :) I was never so grateful to be on a surefooted horse.

Anyways -- I'm being called to go to... cooking class now :( Only I could end up renting from a woman who teaches cooking! And is mortally offended that I don't cook. So today is beginner day and to mollify her I promised I'd put in an appearance. NOT looking forward to it though. Ugh. Anybody who wants to call and gossip, now would be a REALLY good time :) Long dis phone calls are an acceptable excuse :)


What is Marg's steak analogy?


In dressage your horse should be like a steak b4 it goes on the bbq -- floppy... For lack of a better word *g*

(picture holding up an uncooked steak and shaking it from side to side -- how it would respond...)


not as meaningful an analogy for us non-carnivores


which is prob why you haven't heard it b4 :)

Doesn't really work so well for those of us who don't COOK either -- but I still knew what she was talking about *g*

Used to get a lot of food analogies in the lesson right b4 dinner time!


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