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Cayman can tell time -- can your horse?

Cayman's t/o paddock is an L shape -- the short part of the L points to the gate, while the long part runs behind 2 of the smaller paddocks.

I almost always go get him to go ride somewhere between 10 and 11 (and I'm always dressed in riding gear) -- his game is to let me come in, then he darts around the corner and goes waaaayyy to the far side of the L, keeping an eye on me. As soon as I round the corner he starts grazing, then pops his head up as in "oh, were you looking for me?" and comes all the way back over to see me. We do this every day. And he ONLY plays this game when we're going to ride (not any of the several *other* times of day I'm in his paddock - then he always comes right to me, or anyone else).

So today we weren't going to ride till the afternoon but @ our usual ride time I was working in and around his paddock and the adjoining ones (dressed in normal barn clothes). Well every time I was anywhere near his he'd do the whole 'dart-around-the-corner-stop-and-look' thing... But apparently I wasn't playing MY part right. He'd come back to the gate to see where I was and what I was doing -- then as soon as he had my attention, dart back around the corner again. Did this for a good 45 mins -- didn't seem to get that I just wasn't able to play this morning...

When I did eventually go get him to ride (dressed accordingly) it was right near the time he usually either comes in or switches paddocks and he just stood at the gate the way he does for anything other than am ride time.

So Cayman clearly tells time (as opposed to clothing/attitude/etc) -- there's riding time and grazing time and feeding time and everything else time. N switching them around really shouldn't be done w/o his previous approval!

hahaha well I thought it was interesting anyways!


ohmigoodness...I was sitting here at midnight laughing HARD- outloud - picturing that giddy-twit creating a 'game'...and he's only been there for 14 days!....playing 'hide and seek' with you? [I'm picturing the knights at the castle wall in MontyPythons "Holy Grail" obediently fleeing after their king who's hieing his butt bellowing "Run awayyy! Run awayyy!] there's Cayman being monumentally puzzled because his human is NOT playing properly!!!!


I think Cayman would've fit well into Mony Python ;-}

I've started calling him Goofy. He just has that kind of personality :)


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