Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Today I learned...

For those of you who don't spend half your lives on the Internet (congrats!) "TIL" is an acronym that often follows some short snippet that astounded somebody either cause it's super random and very cool or it's so simple the can't believe they hadn't known all along.   As I discover variants of this irl (generally always of the super random variety, less of the super cool), I mostly just leave them in my notes...   So decided to share some of the recent completely random ones from my notes file - consider yourself forewarned ;)

TIL: the reason they spend all day digging a giant hole only to fill it back up with dirt in the to-be-developed area next to us is because the land is contaminated and they have to essentially replace it.   This is completely unverified but seems plausible in light of the weird hole digging and filling behaviour.

I was today years old when I realized that bubbles in the bath significantly mitigate the amount of fog on the bathroom mirror.  Lol yes this wisdom was granted as I, a generally high functioning adult, both A - take bubble baths on a regular basis and B - rarely takes baths withOUT said bubbles.   Lol so when that rare circumstance occurred today, I was indeed moderately amused at how steamy my room got ;)

There is no angry way to say "Bubbles"

TIL: There is no adjective to go along w ‘solidarity’ in English.   Solidarious?  Solidaric?  Reputable dictionaries don’t like either.  Less reputable ones seem to lean to solidaric.  Came across this because it *does* exist in Spanish and I was struggling to apply it.   I have never missed this word in my life, and tbh I randomly make up words all the time when I need them so wouldn’t have been an issue if I had.  But still amused me.  

TIL:  The people scavenging in the recently shuffled dirt where they will some day be building new houses are looking for meteorites (which apparently pay quite well) and War of 1812 paraphernalia (which apparently does not ;-P).  This all according to one of the people doing said scavenging who was quite happy to tell us all about it and show us the meteorite he'd found.