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Frog theory

So didja miss me? No blog yesterday cause there simply aren't enuff hours in the day!!! Between work, pinata hitting (hahaha seriously! Pics when I have some time :), other work, Cayman, and night feed there just wasn't any time left. Sheesh.

Anyways riding wise there wasn't anything interesting yesterday. My lesson was really more of a supervised flat ride -- again mostly working on getting him going forward. But since it was cold and windy this wasn't a real challenge Forward and STRAIGHT might've been -- but we had some VERY kewl lateral maneuvers. Are we SURE there's no QH in him? Cause he can SPIN! hahaha There were two others riding in the ring who were having some real probs (they're here for a wk) so Denny ended up mostly working w/ them (he'll teach anyone in the ring. Regardless of whether or not they're actually IN the lesson. Or even on a horse for that matter! hahaha Several times I've been called away from whatever I've been doing w/ "Lauren come watch this, it's important". Gotta admit I actually love that so not going to complain the odd time it worx against me. I've already learned if you're not TOTALLY into being involved in your ride you go hacking - or school wherever he's not :)

Today was stad jumping. We got the "frog" theory. Seriously. That's what it's called. It has a name. hahaha he reviewed the study done about how if you put a frog in boiling water it'll jump out, but if you put it in cool water and heat it gradually it'll die, and applied this to most disastrous jumping rounds. As in they start out ok, and then the horse gets a little flat or fast or whatever, and then a little flatter, and then dangerously flat, and then they quit or crash. But the change is so gradual it sneaks by the rider. Or not even necessarily jumping -- just riding in general. I got "you start w/ your reins the right length. Then they're a *little* too long. Then they're long. Then your hands are at your hips!" hahaha guilty guilty guilty. So essentially it's more of the "ride every stride" concept but a way of understanding why that doesn't always work even when you think "but I WAS riding!!!!"

My EQ got nailed today. hahaha I felt like saying "you want me to look pretty, or be effective?" but I figured that wouldn't go over so well -- n really Cayman can pretty well walk over these so it's all good. It's interesting, he wants the leg waaayyyy farther forward than anybody I've ever ridden w/ b4 -- n he does, of course, have a theory behind it which he's happy to expand on :) sobeit. But I sort of wonder what'll happen after I work so hard to get the hang of this and then come home and have some other coach be like *WHAT* are you doing?!?! ahaha I guess, if ever, THAT would be the appropriate time to name drop "Well Denny said. . ." hahaha they're gonna hate me. On the plus side I LOVE that he actually tries to fix it. It's been years since I've had a jumping coach who will consistently nail your position until you get it right -- it seems most of them figure "well she can ride, it must work for her" and give up pretty fast. He'll pick up on anything, the instant you do it. And it is making ME think a lot more about what I'm doing and WHY -- so that's making a huge difference (I hate making people repeat themselves :). In just a few days. But I tell ya, the first time I get all the way through a jumping lesson w/o being told to push my leg forward I'm going to be very very excited. That'll be next week :)

Oh and after all summer of being told "your dressage saddle doesn't suit you, you're fighting it" today I got "your jumping saddle doesn't fit you, you're fighting it". *rolling eyes* Classic eh? Oh if only I could win the lottery -- I'd have tack that FITS and horses that are trained :) hahaha well maybe not the later, I like babies :) Until that point however . . .

Ok back to work w/ me :) Only 2 of us today so it'll be a loooonnnnggg afternoon. Beyond georgous weather though so tis all good :)


perhaps he's a barrel racer at heart...


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