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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Country living -- lessons learned...

So even though 95% of the time you drive up the twisty mountain road you're the ONLY car on the road, does not mean that there won't be, at some random moment, oncoming traffic. And if you happen to drive a zippy little car odds are the oncoming traffic will be bigger. It was a UPS truck I met. We didn't both really fit on the road! And def not if I'm driving in the middle ;-}


It is literally the first time I've met another car on the road up to where I'm living (steepest hill in VT, or so I've been told, 3 houses @ the top -- 1st one is a summer cottage, they're only up on wknds in July and Aug, 2nd one is us. The 3rd one is apparently a yurt! hahaha seriously. I haven't seen that yet... So really all vehicles on the road are going to or from our place and I tend to know where those are likely to be)...

The follow up is on the same trip after nearly running into the giant machine trimming trees, twice (so I'm a slow learner -- he moved b4 I came back DOWN the mountain so I figured he was gone. Not so much :), be sure to watch out for random branches the NXT time flying up the mountain. In the dark.

My poor little car -- it's a good thing it's so zippy. I think I'd be in real trouble if I had a sports car here ;-} But oh so much fun it'd be!!! hahaha

Ok more riding related blogs tomorrow :) Probably.


'zippy little cars CAN inch along in stop and go traffic but NOT if "Letitia Leadfoot" is behind the wheel.hardehar. The shortest distance between top and bottom of 'mountains'CAN be straight over the edge. Try tot to squish youself. That's Cayman's job! :)


yes but stop and go traffic is ok cause you EXPECT it :)

My issue is more-often-than-not I (and the occasional COW) are the only things on the road. hahaha

Starting to feel really put-out at having to share! >;-}


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