Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Best week in a long time :)

Almost worth getting up early to see this

So the day after my bday, Sasha and I headed up to join most of our extended family (incl, of course, Bailey and Coco) at my aunt and uncle's cottage.   Still one of my top favourite places in the world, and definitely Sasha's top.  Where else is a leash a figment of the imagination, she can run and swim pretty much as much as she wants, and there're endless chipmunks to chase?   Heaven really.  Unless you're a chipmunk ;-P

On the "hunt".
If she ever catches something,
she just bops it with her nose to re-start the game.

A week of sunshine, dock weather, boat rides, waterskiing (?!?! SO much fun, but man the next day did I ever feel old :( ), "synchronised" diving (our record was five cousins at the same time, ranging in age from 9-me ;), other lake fun, watching the competitive gymnasts move in ways I could never have done even as a child, photos (I wish I'd brought my real camera), conversation, toddler making baby noises and wide smiles, lots of books, Duolingo (5 people in my family all doing it?!?! French (4), Spanish (2), Italian (1), and Chinese (1)), and all-round happiness.   Even the one rainy day was great as it led to a trip to town, including the dump (less fun usually but moderately entertaining in this case since it was temporarily closed due to "a really big bear in the bin".  Wouldn't close it for any bear, but this one was "really big" lol and they needed to give it a ladder so it could get out).  Then exploring the knick knack store (so much fun randomness) and, of course, a stop at the milkshake shack.

LOVE the "get up and go" feeling 
when you point this in a straight line and full throttle.

Came back relaxed and happy, with far fewer lines on my face, and a few extra pounds on the scale ;).  Didn't quite get to the relaxed enough phase where I'd actually start writing again (you know - fiction, not just "real" life stuff ;)).  But closer than I've been in a long time, so deeming that a win.

What a perfect way to spend a hot summer week.

On your birthday, calories don't count

Well it seems I've successfully taken another trip around the sun.  This year was really all about learning our new normal.  We moved here shortly before my birthday last year and both Chris and I got new jobs.   So getting the house set up (yeah new deck!) and acclimatising ourselves to our new area.   I made multiple efforts to fill the hole in my life left by a lack of horses and near-by friends.  Some more successful than others ;).   

Between us, we spend an excessive amount of time out here.

Let's see.   I tried volunteering for Big Brothers / Big Sisters.  Plus side, I'm now officially a volunteer.  Except...   They don't have anybody needing a match?   Lol which, I mean, actually awesome.  But it definitely defeated the whole giving back to the community idea.   Then I went to the library to see if there were any literacy or ESL programs for adults that could use a volunteer.   I have exp in both of those fields, and while I definitely don't want to do either of them as a job, a couple hours a week I'd likely enjoy.  And there is definitely a strong need for ESL within the immediate community.  But no.  Not, apparently, a public service.  Lots of tutoring type places, but that's not what I was looking for at all.

Okay so switching tactics -- how about a fun physical activity?  I looked for climbing first - I've enjoyed that in the past.  Unfortunately there's a grand total of one climbing gym anywhere near here and all they do is bouldering.  Yeah no, if I can't go up, why would I do it?   Sideways, way less fun.   Alright, well how about adult gymnastics?   Nope.  Nada.  Nowhere.  Fail.   BUT I *did* find Circus Arts, and promptly signed up for Arial Silks.   This was a riot.  I *really* enjoyed it.  But I got super frustrated by how slowly I could progress as a beginner who could only practice once a week.  Each week it was like starting over, I had to relearn everything we'd done the week before.  And it was a winter, after dinner activity.  So by the time work was done and it was dark, this was not something I really wanted to do.  Although to be fair, I always enjoyed it once I got there.

Alright, so can't be brand new unless it's something I can practice at home.   I don't know how I got to piano, but I randomly decided that's what I wanted to learn, did a ton of research in super speed, and soon had a digital keyboard (headphones!) with weighted keys (feels like a "real" piano), a stand, a bench, and an app.  Set.   This one, stuck.   I'm still really enjoying it, although I put less time in in the summer (shocker) since I'm outside every possible minute from the time work is over till the bugs come out.   So I'd say bare minimum practicing over the summer, but little by little...   Getting there :).   Only down side is it didn't solve the meeting people challenge.  But still really happy I found this one, and hopeful I might be able to take actual lessons in fall or winter.

And work?  It's crazy.  But I love it.   Great environment, totally engaged in and passionate about the work I'm doing.   The only other job I've ever been this into was GRS.  So, I mean, that's saying something.   It *does* mean I tend to put in a lot more hours than I prob should (hence the not enough time for all the hobbies), but other than that, all good.

So, as per almost always, I took Trip Around the Sun day off of work.  I stayed up quite late last night - cause I could ;) and slept in this am.  Chris got the vast majority of his week's schoolwork done in advance so he could join me for the day.  We went for a mini road trip to pick up pies from the Baking Twins.  These are actually for me to take to the cottage w me tomorrow, but it's a pretty drive and, well, if you're ever out here on a weekend, it's worth going to visit them (they're only open Fri-Sun).

We didn't actually pay to go into the fort,
but we did walk around it and answer some questions ;)

Then we went to Niagara on the Lake to do a Let's Roam.   The weather was perfect and the town is lovely, but the Roam was the worst I've ever done.  SO glad it wasn't our first, as I would never have done another.   Almost every checkpoint was nowhere near where the map told us to go, it was only partially a loop, and at one point there was a hugely long walk with no challenges or anything interesting.  So yeah, overall disappointing.  But it is absolutely a lovely town to wander around.  My original thought had been to go to Post and Pillar for massages and hot springs, but when I checked back in Feb, they were already booked :(   lol so this was a nice enough second.

The marketing and finishing touches on this small business impressed me

On our walk I saw this unique trailer and was fasciated.  Turns out it's a local business that creates high-end picnic lunches for people to have in the park.  And their picnic baskets (which look very much like the trailer) fold open into a table.  Very cute, great little business idea.  

Anyways - by this point we were hungry so we had lunch at the Olde Angel Inn, which we've been to before and enjoyed.   This time we got to be out on the HUGE patio, which was lovely.   

Since lunch was mid afternoon, neither of us were starving when it came time for dinner, so we had birthday cheesecake instead :). 😂 sometimes I love adulting.  Then took the dogs for a walk and mostly just chilled.   Facebook told me today the skittle cake was 9 years ago?!?!   It still wins for best cake ever -- if for no other reason than the amount of effort Steph and her sister Nicole put into making it.  Similarly, by far the most personal gift ever was the scrap book my mum made for my 40th.   Still love that one.   Lots of other great goodies (both baked and not) - I've been pretty lucky :), but those stand out as top two things.   Trips and activities can't be ranked - happy memories all around there.   There have been some awesome birthday activities :)

Anyways - it's now super-late and I'm definitely babbling, but - I'm on vacation :).  Sobeit.

More Spanishing

Sometimes Spanish vocabulary fascinates me. For instance, in the story I'm currently reading, I learned they have a verb for “it gets dark” in common usage. So “we arrived when it was getting dark” takes all of 3 words to communicate in Spanish: “llegamos cuando anochecía”. 

However, it took me the longest time to figure out wtf that last word meant since anoche = last night, and the ending told me was going to be a past tense ‘scene setting’ type verb, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make a verb out of ‘last night’. Eventually I gave up and looked it up lol. 

This is why I keep going - cause randomness like this amuses me more than it should. Especially when combined w things like there is only ONE word for all three of: to hope, to wait, and to expect.   And it's the FIRST / most common word for all three of them.   Not like it's a synonym buried in a list somewhere; it's the one people without access to a thesaurus use.  And every time I have to use it I’m frustrated that it’s not quite right lol.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.  Source: Google Translate.
There are more options, but these were the top ones.

Spanish Shenanigans

So I've been working with a new Spanish teacher who I've been learning a TON from.  I went to her specifically because she's known for aiding in pronunciation, and that was my specific request.   Biggest down-side I've found to my self-taught first year or two is that I never really learned proper Spanish phonetics or syllables.   Which means I often pronounce letters in English, without even realising it, and I'm super hit or miss on which syllable should be stressed.   Suffice to say, the end result is I often am not understood when I speak even when what I say is theoretically correct (aka - if it were written down, it'd make sense).   I've been looking for almost two years to find a teacher to help me with this.  In all that time, I've only found one (she was awesome!) but the company I found her through disappeared and I've not found her anywhere else since.  Fail.   

Regardless, new teacher has reignited my enthusiasm for Spanish, and my learning.   And while I've definitely got a long way to go, at least now I can see a path forward.  Also it's accidentally making me aware of other "unwritten" aspects of spoken language.   

The first homework exercise new teacher gave me was based off a children's song.  It's got a single line of silly lyrics, and the concept is they repeat the sentence changing all the vowels in the sentence each time (so one time all the letters are a, next time e, etc etc).  Her challenge to me was to be able to do each sentence of made up stuff to help train the sounds.  No singing required ;).  But she also gave me a YouTube video so I could hear how it's suppose to be.

Okay so I wrote each line out with all the vowels changed, so I'd have a hope of reading it.  Nonsense words are no problem when the real words don't mean much to begin with.   Listened to the song to make sure I had the general concept and started trying it.   But it got to the point that I could say all the words reasonably well, but for the life of me I couldn't "sing along".   Every time it was off.   Almost as though I had extra syllables (which would've been possible - see above challenges - except said teacher had prepped for this and broken the sentence out by syllables in the example already).   And so I focused on what they were doing and realised they were merging words together.

Well f.   😂 I know better.  I KNOW we do this in English, because once upon a time I had to teach it!  When I was learning to teach ESL, I remember having to explicitly teach about things that people SAY that are not how we write.   Consider:

  • triple contractions:  I wouldn't've done...   That is 100% wrong in writing, but we say it, and other things like it, all the time.
  • Ida gone to the store but... - I would have.   Like wtf?  How is a non-native speaker supposed to get that? 
  • Squishing words together and merging sounds -- Is he busy? = Isi busy?   Cats or dogs = catserdogs;  next door = nexdoor; anything where the last letter of one word is the same as the first of the next (this is the same in Spanish I've realised): social life = socialife
  • Adding sounds (as if it weren't enough to squish them):  Do it = dowit;  Go out = gowout 
I'm sure there are more and I seem to recall they all have fancy names, but for the life of me can't remember what.   But somehow it never occurred to me they do this in Spanish too.  And suddenly so much I struggled with made sense.    I listened closely to what they were doing (easy enough when you play the same 6 sentences over and over again) and wrote what they were actually saying, NOT what the words were.   And it was mostly dropping a syllable when the last and first letter were the same and squishing the words together.

So yeah - I felt ridiculous that it's taken me SO long to realise that.   And then I extrapolated that to practicing with songs I actually like (conveniently apple provides lyrics to most songs ;).   And it's like a huge light went on.  But man did I ever feel stupid for not having made that connection earlier.

And follow up - I had a good laugh in my next Spanish lesson when my teacher took my notes (google doc, so she could see what I'd done) and corrected my spelling?!?!  lol of nonsense words.   But even that was super learning - her point was that what I'd written (literally changing the vowels and squishing words together) wouldn't be pronounced the way they should be, because squishing them that way sometimes changes the pronunciation.  So she walked me through a bunch of those which was super helpful in wrapping my head around some random pronunciation things, but I still shake my head that I was even spelling nonsense words wrong ;)

Aligned with my new enjoyment of lessons, Amazon recommended a "book I might like" that the description really appealed to me.  And it's on Unlimited (which means no extra cost to me).   And also in Spanish.  hmmmm.  So I've been reading in Spanish for a while now, but always tween or YA level, or "level-appropriate" learner books.  This one was definitely adult.   So downloaded it and it's slow going, but I'm mostly getting it.   But it's painful.

I remember when one of my cousins was very young, he was trying to read Harry Potter and the deal was he would read a page then his mom would read a page (or maybe paragraph?  chapter?  I don't remember the details, but conceptually...).   Anyways - I decided I could do the adult version of the same.   This particular book was a best seller in Spanish and has since been translated to English (English version here if anyone is interested).   So I got both versions, and am currently reading a chapter in Spanish then a chapter in English.  😂.  Partially it keeps it moving and partially it fills in some blanks if I've missed something critical.   I believe the book is part of a trilogy, so maybe by the time I get to book 2, I'll be fluent enough to read more in Spanish.   I hope so, because I'm not convinced books 2 and 3 have been translated *g*

Wish me luck! 

Actively not running this summer ;)

So for reasons I still don't understand, I signed up for not one but two activities that theoretically involve "running" this summer?!?!   Yeah, really not sure what that was about.   Suffice to say, neither event actually involved running ;).  Which is, absolutely, the best type of running event.

Before Bronte

The first was the Bronte 5K which I did with Rebecca.   This was an absolutely lovely morning.  Perfect weather.  A gorgeous trail through the park.  Not too many people.  Just a fun morning with a good friend and some exercise.   To be fair, Rebecca was a lot more committed to the exercise portion than I was -- she ran, I chatted.  Given the complete lack of training I did leading up to it, this was probably for the best since we all know I'm not particularly good at rating myself and the odds of me pushing very hard and then seriously regretting it, was pretty high ;).   Would definitely do this one again -- was just such a nice day.

After Bronte

The next one was "Mud Girl" which is a women only event.   I did this one with Jill and her friend Edith.

Before Mud Girl

This one was a mud run that was WAY more committed to the mud idea than Mud Hero that Steph, Kirby, Chris and I did many years ago.   This one, the very first obstacle involved being chest-deep in muddy water so yeah, there was no way of getting through it without being absolutely filthy.   It was ideal weather for the adventure - overcast and not super hot, but warm enough that we weren't freezing if we were waiting.  There was no way this was going to be a "run" -- the footing was super treacherous so running would not have ended well.   Which was all good for me -- to put in perspective, I had named our team "A Walk in the Park" lol.   The event had been put on hold for ...?  I want to say half an hour or so?   Which meant they'd abandoned any semblance of start times by the time we got there and were sending people out in waves every two minutes.  This was actually ideal as there was basically no wait once we made our way to the start and not too many people all together.   

Obstacles included - navigating through mud puddles under nets (never shallow enough to force a crawl, although many people did), climbing mud mountains and sliding down mud hills, climbing over / across nets, inflatable obstacles (I found these a riot!) and slides, slack line (I *loved* this and very much want one in my back yard now), and other similar things.   I had a TON of fun with the obstacles -- far more than I'd expected!  I didn't so much love the organisation and planning of the event.  Was a good day though and since it was on a lake, a quick way to get a lot of the mud off in the end.   Not that there wasn't still mud *everywhere* when I got in the shower later, but much better than it would've been!

After Mud Girl :)

There were photographers on course,
but despite MUCH searching, apparently no pics of our little team.