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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

A country moment

So I'm coming back from feeding the babies (who live way out in the middle of nowhere)... It's about 6:00 and the sun is attempting to break out while setting; so you have those really dark and ominous clouds w/ the occasional beam breaking through that's on just the right angle to highlight the changing leaves... Impressive photo-op all on its own. Got to just about the water complex ( for a pic) and standing right about where the pic was taken was a deer. Absolutely gorgeous. It acknowledged that I was there, started to leave but then changed it's mind. Came towards me! Wanted on the path and wasn't sure how to cross the water :) Pretty well the same debate the horses have when they first meet a water obstacle! It was very kewl to watch. It came w/in about 10' of me -- apparently I'm not all that scary. Was pretty amazing. It eventually went back to its own side of the water and hung out there for a bit before it got scared off by a tractor.

Anyways -- just thought I'd share. Really wish I'd had my camera w/ me then :(


Thanks for the detailed accounts of your adventures thus far. I feel somewhat as though I am living vicariously through the moment I am strapped to my desk analyzing data and doing very little riding!

I had a very similar experience with a deer this summer doing field work when a local deer deemed me an acceptable breakfast companion. It made doing doing field work at 5:30 every morning even more interesting!


awwww hon that's brutal! I was thinking the other day as I was standing grazing a horse and feeling a *bit* like I was just randomly wasting time "oh wait, I *COULD* be sitting at a desk right now wishing I was right here!" hahaha we are contradictory creatures :) But after that I relaxed and enjoyed the aft a whole lot more!


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