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I met Santa!!!

woohoo! Thrilled to see so many truly intelligent people :) hahaha thanks for joining the list -- n judging by the pics, some start reading VERY young >;-P Well we all know Baby M is WAY beyond intelligent so why not :) Any others out there??? Look -- all the kewl kids are doing it >;-P hahaha

So today's will actually probably be short -- mostly cause I'm typing this while I *shoud* be working. HAVE to finish work b4 I can sleep. N I'm xhausted. Soooo...

Flat lesson on RC today -- have to admit it wasn't terribly exciting. I find Denny's jumping lessons significantly better than his dressage ones... But everybody's stronger at something right? Or maybe I've just had exceptional dressage coaches :) hahaha on the plus side -- I made it through a lesson w/o being told to look up or move my leg. Progress. Still had to shorten the reins a few times though *sigh* Ah well -- that can be next week. I've only had that habit for 20 years, shouldn't take THAT long to break it >;-P

On a completely random note -- I saw a moose tonight! First wild moose I've ever seen :) And yes I freely acknowledge that it's sad a Canadian had to go to VT to see a moose, but sobeit. I was still impressed.

So yesterday I learned what Santa Clause does in the off season. He builds riding rings. hahaha Seriously! I spent my day off spreading hay for mulch to fix the fields that were somewhat destroyed while this ring was being built (so much for a day OFF. Sheesh.) -- But I swear the guy I was working w/ looked *exactly* like Santa (minus the red suit) and had a similar personality. And while I admit the hay-blowing machine was somewhat amusing (although not nearly so much as the wood-chopper at the cottage last fall!) the novelty definitely wore off long b4 the job was done. Finished now though. And yet another completely random skill (?) to add to the list of "unexpected things learned" hahaha. I think maybe I'll actually start compiling that list -- could be amusing at the end of this. Or maybe not >;-P

Tomorrow (or soon anyways) I'll have to remember to tell you about the "F-word" discussion *g* Was, I thought anyways, an interesting take on society... But right now my contacts are blurred w/ sleep, so I'm off. Night!


a moose is like a reindeer right? so the guy you were working with probably WAS santa... haha


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