Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

You couldn't've custom made a place better for me if you'd tried!

So thinking of my nano friends now -- sitting in a coffee shop that offers FREE wi-fi! What a concept! hahaha n yes, this is because I don't have internet @ home yet, but sobeit.

Apt is SOOOO nice. Cute, just the right size... Two bathrooms -- one w/ an old-fashioned bath tub and one w/ a shower. Thought that was sort of interesting. Brand-new carpet and paint (presumably because they're trying to sell the place. RM is super-nice. Apparently she only moved in yesterday (AND moved all her horses) and Denny had told her I'd be in tonight which is why she wasn't there... First thing she said when I got her on the phone "are you ok? I was worried when I got your message and you weren't here or at Denny's"... So I thought that was cute anyways.

hmmmm battery power is dying, must type faster...

Gotta admit it's very nice to walk outside braced for the cold and it not hitting :) I have been warned that'll go away -- but given that the barn (where I'm staying, not Denny's) has all stalls opening out and x-ties outdoors, I have to figure the weather can't be toooooo miserable.

The "southern" thing is a little excessive. I've been "ma-am"d more times in the last 24 hours than in my whole life. That along w/ "dear" and "honey" are rapidly going to drive me insane -- but Maam is def the worst! hahaha

So RC is not coming south. I was a little concerned about what I was going to ride -- Denny didn't know if he'd be able to find something. But I picked up 2 horses where I'm living in a little less than half an hour so I'm not too concerned. hahaha

In the hotel parking lot this morn somebody noticed my license plates "what are you doing here?" "horses" "oh an eventer?" hahahah definitely have landed in the right place. There aren't too many where the first thing people assume when you say horses is eventing. Driving around is beyond amazing. Multi-million $ horse farm after multi-million $ horse farm. The kinds of farms where the house has a matching little house (or two) for their staff. It's beyond insane. But great for the daydreaming. hahaha And what's not horse farms is golf courses (which doesn't actually matter to me in the least, but I thought it was a good combination). AND almost all the horse farms seem to be eventers! hahaha only reason I guess this is cause they all have both a dressage ring (or 2) and a jumping ring. Haven't seen much XC -- but then you rarely can from the road. The one that made me laugh was the one that had their dressage ring framed w/ nicely painted stadium poles! Was @ Tamarack briefly this morn -- looks amazing (of course) but I couldn't find people so I didn't stay long. Will be back there this aft...

So 5 mins away is Aberdeen which has every kind of fast food, restaurant, and chain store you can imagine. WAY closer than the 35 min in VT Also has the BIGGEST Walmart I've ever seen. And then some. A small city could fit in there. Which would be ok except it's Saturday. I'm not used to shopping on Saturdays... Not an experience I care to repeat.

OK battery's threatening to quit so I'm off. Later!


AWESOME!! i'm glad you like it :) although from the pics i can't imagine you wouldn't.

care to find a handsome prince charming who's going to inherit one (or two?) of those multi-million $ horse farms? i would have no problem at all coming down for the summers ;)

and do tell about these new mounts!


hahaha well I'll see what I can do about Prince Charming -- I am living a fairy tale after all :) But I'm not holding my breath >;-P


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