Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

All I'm doing is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic...

So the barn is basically in a state of almost-controlled-chaos as the packing continues -- esp as nobody seems to know for certain when we're moving. I'm highly amuesed by the fact that the most inefficient person I've ever met, is the one w/ all the lists! hahaha Could prove an interesting challenge -- esp if they randomly move the date up again. I'm also a *little* concerned as I don't have anywhere to live down south yet... hmmm but I figure that'll sort itself out :)

Today's leeson: "It's all about core-strength". Yeah -- you can imagine where the lesson went from there :) hahaha so I *might* be a little sore tomorrow, but I'm absolutely certain it'll be nothing compared to that one lesson w/ Mary -- and I don't think she was even trying! >;-P hahaha sorry Mary *g* I know, wimpy eventers... But seriously, if you want an ab workout, call her.

On the plus side, I'm finally relearning how to sit a brutal TB trot... "This horse is a good example of why you rarely see TBs in competitive dressage." -- yeah so that's what I'm starting w/. We're working mostly on developing enough strength so that he can carry himself, and then convincing him to carry himself uphill and together instead of long a strung-out. "Selling Zel was the right thing to do. Selling Zel was the right thing to do." Maybe if I say it often enough I'll believe it? But man did she ever spoil me in some ways :) To be fair, this one does too -- just in different ways. I sincerely doubt he'll ever buck me off (hahaha now who wants to guess what tomorrow's post will be about.... :) N while he can be quite spooky, at least he doesn't seem to hallucinate (although I gotta admit that particular tendency usually amused me :) But really, other than the fact that they both go forward and they're both little, they're about as different as you could get. But hey, a good rider should be able to ride anything right? What I really want to know is if he can JUMP. We've only done baby stuff so far (and admittedly that's all he's fit for) but I'm not convinced yet that he really has the scope in him :( Although after yesterday I KNOW he's got the speed, so if he can jump we're set.

On a completely random note -- the people I'm living w/ here are having an election-party tomorrow. This tells you something about the people I'm living with. I'm a little curious as to what would happen if their guy lost hahaha

We shall see...


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