Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I solved the world's problems, but I forgot to take notes.

Torrential rain this morn. Needless to say, when we were done chores the bm and I retreated indoors -- she went to clean our tack room and I went to clean Denny's... (that in itself is a challenge -- how do you clean something that's already spotless? Although maybe that's WHY it's spotless :) Well I was far enough lost in my own world that I jumped when the door opened -- Denny and bm there "comeon, we're going for breakfast. Or brunch." ummm ok... I genuinely believed he was joking. But nope -- literally he and May took us out for breakfast because it was deemed too miserable out to be working. hahaha absolutely amazing. And totally turned the day around. The weather then kindly followed and the torrential rain stopped about the time we got back.

This is def a good job for spending time in lost in thought. Hours of completely mindless chores -- you can totally set your body on autopilot and think about a million and one other things. I've become somewhat amused by how far away my mind can wander given enough time! hahaha I still haven't figured out who's getting what for xmas (that one's hard to focus on when it's 15deg out!)... What to do when I get home after this is usually high on the list :) And how to accomplish it! Sometimes it's "oh I should blog about this one..." hahaha but I never remember it when it comes time to actually write. Ah well.

Miss Si tried her games again today, but allowed herself to be "convinced" a whole lot easier this time around. Also, for the first time I rode her w/ another horse in the ring -- and was *really* glad to see she didn't have the typical trackie reaction to the other horse coming towards her. Now we were just walking, but still she kept her cool pretty well regardless of what the other one did, so I figure that's a promising sign...


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