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WAAAYYY too excited to sit and type a blog entry!

So my news of the day -- I bought a horse!!!!!! OMG. That I saw for the first time yesterday. I'm still a little stunned. But I just adored her. It was like when I got on Zel the first time. Of all the horses I've ever ridden, she's only the 4th I've ever felt that for. N I've recently realized, they've ALL been chestnut mares. hmmmm maybe there's something in that :) Esp for a girl who claims not to like chestnuts (black or blood-bay is def where the kewl kids hang out :)hahaha This one is full TB, off the track. Beyond green. *Some* attitude *g* All she knows is GO and GO FAST. But reasonably chilled about unmounted life (although that may change w/ FOOD -- she's sooooo skinny). She's tiny -- 15.1ish. But still growing, so that's good. One of these days I'll have time to look up her ancestry -- apparently she's reasonably well bred.

Trial ride :)

I'm so excited :)

I also rode my "borrow" horse for the first time today. I haven't worked that hard on a horse . . . ever? hahaha maybe as a little kid on a school-pony, but that'd be the last time :) Beyond lazy. But actually has very decent movement and an awesome jump. So he'll get me fit and let me play around a bit -- and his owners are about the nicest people I've ever met so that helps. All he's ever done is hunt (think following the fox in the field, not outside-diagonal-outside-diagonal :) -- but he's brave outside so xc should be a blast.


I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER!! she sounds...familiar. haha ;)

i expect very detailed posts about this one!

what's her name?


Ha!! I can't even come up with a suitable smart ass comment ;) Another chestnut mare - can't wait for the pics!

jen and m (she's sitting on my lap reading too!)


Hey Jen -- this one should be truly broke and rideable about the time M's ready to start! hahaha And you don't need to type the smart-ass comment, I can read your mind remember :-P hahaha

Yes another chestnut mare... I'm insane. This is not news >;-P hahaha what can I say, I LOVE the attitude!

Her name's Sienna :) Not as flashy as Zel -- but then, how many are? Pics soon (I hope!) -- although I have to qualify it takes some vision to see the good horse in her @ the moment (super-skinny and NO muscle)... They'll be the "before" pics :)

I'm soooooo excited!


Posting from the land of the chestnut fillies, speaking for chestnut TB filly extraordinaire, Gracie (9 months old!)

CHESNUT FILLIES (and mares) RULE! (haha)

Congratulations! Now you have to tell us her reg'd name so we can look up her breeding. ;-)


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