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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Always play as though the master were watching...

Although around here he is!!! lol. Sheesh. But yeah, today's discussion was about how to be your own coach. And the IMPORTANCE of being your own coach. The point being, 90+% of the time, you ride alone - so to really become great at it, you have to be able to coach yourself. And to do THAT you need to know the theory, as well as be able to objectively evaluate what you're doing -- both positionally and mentally. Since we all know being a coach is @ least partially being a psychiatrist! hahaha

Also had a discussion about obedience and what that word means in relationship to horses. And when somebody claims their horse is being disobedient -- is he really, or has he been poorly trained or are you asking incorrectly or etc etc N just that you have to think these things through before reacting -- and of course you only have a split second to do that :)

And how being able to judge obedience ties in w/ being your own coach and the importance of both.

So really it was a LOT more interesting than any of this sounds here, but it turns out that I'm really tired so not conveying it well. Sorry about that -- maybe tomorrow :)


"And when somebody claims their horse is being disobedient -- is he really, or has he been poorly trained or are you asking incorrectly"

Does that include Airs Above the Ground on the lunge line...? ;-P

(On a positive note, Bria is now fit and balanced enough to perform said Airs Above the Ground without stepping on herself or falling over...)


oh no -- he's all about letting the young horse play on a lunge-line. He's NOT particularly happy when you choose to ride out said behaviour instead of lunging -- I got told for that a few times hahaha

But either way, that's not deemed disobedience - it's deemed being a horse, and said trainer has to find a way to deal w/ it that doesn't involve punishing her FOR being a horse :)

Glad to hear Bria's teaching herself all the basics!


Lauren, as you will discover when people agree to "be my friend" on Facebook, I check out their interests and try to be supportive.

I think your decision at 30 was astonishingly brave and shall follow your blog here - I love the look of horses, but have never learned to ride - I'm a "city boy" through & through.

I'm discovering the pitfalls of even having aliases. So although this is posted as Anon for Google/Blogger purposes, my real life initials are CJH - hope that makes some sense.


hahaha yes anon I knew who it was from the first sentence :) Thanks for reading! Let me know if, as a non-horse-person, you have any questions :)

I know there are a few non-horse-people lurking out there -- I've promised to post a 101 sometime next week...


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