Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Please be patient, I'm not done being me yet.

So the 2am unload went well. All the horses are fine, although they were pretty zonked today -- every one of them was sleeping in the sun @ one point! 2nd shipment is not tomorrow 2am but the morning after. So I get one night of real sleep.

Will admit I crashed pretty hard at lunch time. Made me feel old! :( Used to be that out till 2 or 3 and up for work @ 7 was a non-issue -- in-fact a fairly regular occurrence! hahaha but apparently not anymore.

So much to everybody's dismay, I appear to have packed winter w/ us!!! :( Boooooo Temp isn't actually down to freezing yet but it's still pretty cold :( Well just overnight -- about 15 during the day, so that's very civilized. But the night's and early am are def cold! The people who actually live here are thoroughly unimpressed.

Today I learned the downside to no winter -- fire-ants, BIG snakes, and poisonous spiders :( ICK!!! The only one I've actually met are the fire-ants (which I was warned about) -- they're all over the place. Some form of spider makes webs out of crazy-glue! As the one who has to get RID of said webs, I'm very glad we don't have those @ home. hahaha Hoping to avoid the big snakes altogether I must admit.

Hopefully trying a bunch of horses tomorrow in search of an RC replacement... X your fingers for me :)


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