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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok so I know it's not Thanksgiving for, well, almost everybody reading this :) But as I said, around here it's a VERY BIG DEAL and as such, seemed necessary to post :)

What I want to know is how I, who has no family here and can count the number of people I know on my fingers, managed to get invited to THREE Thanksgiving Dinners??? hahaha well that'd be cause said people I DO know are super friendly :) N of those I'm actually going to two -- one today @ Denny and May's and one tomorrow at our place (yeah that one'd be hard to miss :). I suspect the one at our place will be somewhat entertaining given that:
A) NONE of us know how to cook - the stove has yet to be turned on since we moved in (apparently the people coming are bringing dinner)
B) We have fewer dishes than people -- and that's NOT counting guests (hmmm can we say paper plates anybody???)
C) We have no furniture (well that's not quite true -- between all of us, our total furniture includes: 3 blowup beds and one couch) hahaha but nothing that resembles a table...

Perhaps it won't be the most *formal* dinner ever eh? Should be highly entertaining though. Must go gain some weight now. Gobble Gobble!


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