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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

I am a packing Goddess! (and a modest one at that :)

So when I moved out here, all my horse's stuff went in the trailer w/ him, and I packed up everything I wanted to take into my little blue Rabbit and away I drove...

This in itself was a more impressive feat than one might imagine.

The trick is that in the move down south, I won't have any space in a trailer for the horse stuff... So today, I once again packed up the little rabbit -- but this time it had to include all my stuff AND all the horse stuff! So the horse stuff got cut down to the minimum of what I need for day-to-day and what I need to compete... The rest got banished to storage where I'll retrieve it in the spring. That being said, I was still VERY impressed that I managed to pack all the rest. hahaha seriously -- picture the amount of stuff you pack to bring to a horse-trial. Then picture the amount of stuff you pack to go live somewhere else for 6 months. Then try and stuff all that in a tiny car. AND I still have the passenger seat free! HA!

Well I was amused anyways. Let's just say it's a good thing I like puzzles. The other people around were absolutely convinced it wasn't going to happen and offering suggestions about mailing etc... All very valid, but I'd much rather just pack well *g*

That being said, UNpacking said car is going to be a bit of a nightmare. But such is life eh? It is also significantly harder to drive -- not nearly as responsive when it weighs twice as much. hahaha can't imagine why. Oh well :)

Tomorrow's my last day working here... Friday I drive :)


"Greyhound Courier"

Best. Thing. Ever.


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