Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Say what???

I learned something today I simply have to share. This post is for those of you whose horses are afraid of big rocks. You'll note that most horses who fear big rocks, also fear cows. And most horses who fear cows, also fear big rocks.

Today I learned why.

Big rocks (or what we mere humans sense to be big rocks) are not, in-fact, big rocks, but rather COW EGGS! Seriously. But cows aren't hatched...? oh my poor-little-ignorant-friend but they are. Only certain ones though -- the horse-eating, child-stealing kind of cow that every intelligent creature SHOULD fear, are hatched. From cow eggs. That look like rocks. The *problem* is that hatched-cows look very much like born-cows... There's really no way to tell which might be of the hatched variety and so you're MUCH safer off running away from ALL of them. Just in case.

So now you know.


But what about the horse who is afraid of real rocks and not cows. Lets give some love for the 1/4 horse :)


hahaha they know enuff to be afraid of the cow-eggs but can't tell the hatched-cows from the born-cows so aren't afraid of any of them. As opposed to the others who are afraid of ALL of them! hahaha

It's a basic outlook on life. They prob don't run from packs of crazy dogs either!!! >;-P


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