Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

uh oh... A free horse.... hmmmm

So Tamarack NC isn't as fancy as Tamarack VT (or maybe just seems that way cause all the surrounding farms are???) but I actually like it way better. It's laid out in a much more useful design. And I'm highly entertained by the fact that the XC jumps in the fence-lines are, as often as not, bigger than the actual fence! (pics someday in the near future :)

The property where I'm living IS stunning. So I get my fill of that there :)

The question of the day -- do I want a free horse? hahaha I can see all the horse-people cringing from here. But the thing is, the two horses I was offered to ride (both AMAZING) can't leave the property where they are -- which is not Denny's. So that's not going to work so well (although I'm def going to see if I can still ride one of them @ lunch time...) So now looking for something to take to Denny's -- I know nothing about the freebie other than it's right of the track and owner can't afford to keep it. Should find out more tomorrow.

First load of horses gets in at 2am tomorrow am. This means I have to work @ 2am tomorrow am. Am not particularly amused :(

Ah well. Off for now...


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