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Silly Sienna Stories

Ok I absolutely adore my new pony :) hahaha In some ways she's soooo unbelievably easy (well @ least compared to how Miss Zel was @ the same age -- but I'm beginning to discover MOST horses are easy compared to how she was! hahaha talk about the "teenage years" sheesh). Anyways -- in some ways I completely and entirely forget she's only 4... And then in others, I'm reminded *g*

For instance, I was told when I brought her home that she doesn't cross-tie. Ok no worries -- I've been x-tying her w/ leadline still attached and breakaway ties and just generally being careful about it. N she's been really good. ESP given that the xties are OUTside. This is necessary as the barn aisle is ALSO outside *g* These are the kinds of things you just can't do at home! hahaha Anyway back to my story. Responsible baby-training behaviour got completely thrown out the window as I abandoned her for like half an hour standing, alone and unsupervised, in said xties while I went to deal w/ a sick horse who took instant and immediate priority (horse is fine now). I return, and she's just standing there chillin. Patient as can be...

Take horse for a walk and we come across a herd of deer. Well they def caught her attention and she grew (woohoo 15.3 here we come!!!) hahaha but she didn't do anything spinny... I was soooo impressed.

So good right. Now you understand why, when I was leading her, completely daydreaming and paying no attention whatsoever (like I said, on the ground I tend to forget she's four... Mounted there's no question :), I was a *little* surprised when she sat down and bolted -- evidently terrified. But she is respectful of the leadline so when she hit the end of it she whipped around in the tiniest lunging circle you've ever seen. Got her stopped but she was still a rather large bundle of nerves n I look to see what it is that's spooked her...

...Yes my new event horse, who's ok w/ deer jumping around her, is afraid of a xc jump. This does not bode well. Esp as since said XC jump happened to be electrified (it's in the fenceline of the stallion paddock -- hotwire running over it) so I couldn't even take her over to it to let her see it's not a monster (can you imagine THAT reaction!!!) hahaha So instead we went for a loooonnnngggg detour to the XC course and went to look @ several of those jumps... They're not scary though -- evidently only jumps that are part of the fenceline are scary. Ah well -- "repeat after me: must not pretend 4yo tb is 10... must not pretend 4yo tb is 10..." maybe it'll eventually sink in.

Tried to take her out to graze -- yeah, no. Not going to happen. There's simply WAAAYYYY too much else to look at, and really she has lots of hay in her stall. Now that she's out she's got bigger priorities than eating! Maybe THIS is why she's so skinny! Sheesh.

Ok well that's enuff of that... Thanks for reading my "happy new owner" stories :)


YAY...!!!!! Sounds like she's a ton of fun!!!!


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