Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

They say you should learn something new every day -- they never said it should be something important.

So today was more on the "how to be your own coach" concept. As in there is a coach who is always available to you, doesn't charge for lessons, and presumably always has your best interests at heart.... Better make sure it's a good one! hahaha Thought it was an interesting point @ least. I really miss teaching -- clearly I need to get on this concept to fill the gap >;-P hahaha

As to actual riding -- you'll be glad to know it IS also getting better. It's not entirely theory I'm doing here. hahaha there's something to be said for riding under supervision ALL the time (whether officially or unofficially) -- your bad habits tend to go away a whole lot faster (the reins are only a *little* too long now most of the time, instead of *miles* too long all the time!)

So I have a place to live down south now -- and a super-kewl roommate (at least from what I know so far), so I'm pretty excited about that.

On a totally random note -- we ALL know Tim Hortens is WAY better than Dunken Donuts (the only thing around here -- no Timmie's anywhere around): BUT I have to admit, I tried a donut from DD that I've never seen at Timmie's b4, and really Timmie's HAS to get on this. One of those jelly type donuts (which I usually don't care for) but the outside was cinnimon powder instead of white and the inside was apple... mmmmmmmm sooooo yummy... hahaha just thought I'd share :) I was also highly amused that the girl who brought the donuts had to clarify to THREE different people that no she had not fallen off the day before *g* Tradition gone wrong eh? It's no longer that you HAVE to bring donuts if you fall, it's that IF you brought donuts people think you fell.

Flight home for Xmas is booked :) Woohoo!!! I suspect I'll start counting the days shortly after I finish counting the days till we move south. It was like 27deg down there today so def looking forward to that! We leave next Friday. Officially this time. Or so they say >;-P hahaha


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