Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

The tack lecture finally sunk in... Maybe >;-P

An experiment...

Take one horse (that'd be RC), one rider (that'd be me), one jump, and six saddles. And see what a difference the saddle can make...

Now we all know my saddle has long since been banished, and I've been riding in one of Denny's -- anyways, today the game was to find one to take south.

I would never have thought the saddle could make *that* much of a difference. Yes I've been TOLD that b4, but to actually feel it... One crazy glued my leg into the right place but made me feel as though I was sitting on a teeter-totter; couldn't get my balance to save my life and was constantly ahead of the motion. Another took every bad habit I possess and exaggerated it (needless to say that one got promptly rejected :). N all sorts of inbetween. The one I ended up w/ was properly balanced, puts my leg in sort-of the right position, and has some funky spring to it that I don't know what that's about but posting trot is like being on a trampoline *g* But of the ones I tried it was the best all-round and would actually be w/in my price range were I to eventually decide to buy one. So we'll see after a winter of riding in it what happens :)

Of course none were as nice as the one I've been riding in, but unless I win the lottery that'll never be an option anyways so may as well suck it up *g*

So I will be doing the drive tomorrow iPod-less :( No ipod = no audio-book = :( There are times when being stuck in the middle of nowhere is NOT a good thing. Hopefully can get it fixed (or a new one) in SP.


Ok, so what ARE these saddles??? Both the one you're taking, and the magical $$$ one???

Yes, I've turned into a saddle junkie since becoming a DQ...

Have a great drive!




as of late, i totally believe in good tack as well! haha aka severely bruised bums are no fun at all! hahaha


Have a good drive laur!! And remember, no cell phone ;)



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