Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


I got to meet my puppy!!!!   She is sooooooo cute :)   And I'm *very* excited!  hahahaha can you tell from the excessive exclamation points???

Puppy, whose name is tentatively Zoe, is absolutely adorable.  Climbed up into my lap and made herself comfortable :)  Sooooo cute :)

Of course when I got home Sherlock (the cat I've had since uni) was *very* suspicious about the new scents *g*  It's not as though I don't come home smelling like other animals all the time, but this one definitely had him concerned.   Might be an interesting few days when Puppy comes home...

As far as the barn goes - starting to get very stressed about the hay :(  Getting it all there and stacked - every time something gets organized something changes.  Booo.   On the plus side though, most of the other stuff is slowly getting there :)


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