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"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Hay Day

So the overwhelming challenge of the move has been MET.   We not only managed to load and transport all the hay from the old barn to the new, but ALSO stack another 600 or so bales.   Np for GRS superstar volunteers!

Thanks tons to Margaret and Amy who spent all day hauling and were still smiling at the end :)  You girls are awesome!

To Vic who not *only* helped move an excessive amount of hay, but also designed my new office for me AND relocated my sign (it's not up yet, but at least it's in its new home) AND built me some jumps!  Wow.  Really, thanks is not enough, but it's all I can come up with at the moment :)

To Jael, who gets the almost unbeatable title for farthest-distance-traveled - coming all the way from BC just to stack hay!  hahaha well work might also have played a minor role, but my version of the story is more fun.

To my uncle Doug, cousins Dylan and Daniel, and their friend Austin - a HUGE thanks.  Athletic and strong, these guys made a huge difference in getting things done.    Austin thoroughly showed everybody up with his abilities to be not only in the right place at the right time to help where help was most needed, but also to *still* be taking two bales at a time at the END of the day.  hahaha most of us don't even do that at the beginning.  Dylan and Daniel also burned off some excess energy with some fairly impressive acrobatics inbetween stacking sessions.   If we could bottle that, we'd all be rich!

To my incredible parents, who despite having done hay once before and *knowing* what they were getting into, gamely participated ALL day.  I'm still fairly amazed at that :)  Esp as Mum was helping me with yesterday's hay games too!  How did I get so lucky?

And to Steve and his friends who made the whole thing possible by providing hay trailers and helping load and transport said hay.  I dread even the *thought* of what it would've taken to do that all with the Ram.  O.M.G.

So yeah, we are *done* and can now get on with the rest of the move.  Only four days left at the old place!!!   Not that I'm counting or anything :)


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