Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson


So it's November first, time for Nanowrimo!

Let's see - already on this month's agenda...

Normal 70-80 hour work week running the school and taking care of the horses
Back and forth to the new place showing people around, planning, organizing etc  (I can't wait - every time I go there I get more excited!)
Mark Todd Clinic
Clothing orders
Plan and organize the move  (this is proving to be more complex than I originally anticipated!)
Actually move

hmmmm so given that, I'm afrid I have to acknowledge that there is absolutely no way I can handle Nanowrimo this year.  Booooo.  Simply no space left for 50,000 words.  So instead, I think I'll give the blog version a try.  I can't guarantee interesting, or even coherent *g* but I'll attempt to post something daily this month.

And if you're a writer, a wannabe writer, or somebody who ever thought "maybe I'll write a book some day" -- now's your chance!  Go to and have a blast :)   I've done it a few times -- last year's story is even in the works of being published.   And they provide plenty of procrastination options too.  Enjoy!


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