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Climbing on soap box

ok so mini-rant today.   Why is it that parents feel the need to DRIVE their children to the bus stop???  Seriously people, it's suburbia and primary school -- meaning it's not more than about a 5 min walk at the extreme.  I understand given the dangers of modern society wanting to go with them, but do you really need to drive?  

Several times I've been stuck in a mass of cars all parked along the street waiting for the school bus -- even in summer with perfect weather!   Unbelievable.   One lady I got stuck behind drove home afterwards -- an entire SIX houses away.  O.M.G.

Argh.  Ok end of rant.

oh - and another rant, while I'm all the way up here on my box.  One of my (previously) favourite radio stations is ALREADY playing 24/7 Christmas music.  I've banned them till Dec 26.  *sigh*   Really people?  Can we not wait till at least December?

Ok end of rant two.  Aren't you glad you signed in?

On the plus side - I'm getting along much better with my new phone now :)   Still not super-proficient with it, but at least not the huge frustration of the first few days.  Texting is TONS better than on my own phone, but using it as an actual *phone* is a rather huge pita *sigh*.  Fortunately I text way more than I phone so suppose that's how it should balance out.


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