Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Bits and pieces slowly coming together...

(from GRS blog)

Got a fair amount done today.  All the boring behind-the-scenes type stuff, but it's a start.   Trying to find a decent snow-removal place for the new farm.  Talking to a couple companies, but so far nothing seems terribly likely (too random a location evidently).  Argh.  But I'm sure we'll find somebody :)   The trick is to find them BEFORE it snows!  hahaha

Hay is arranged for Sunday - anybody who feels like a workout, we'd love your help!  Have to relocate the 450ish bales in the current hayloft to the new hayloft as well as getting 600 new ones (hopefully those can be stacked with the tractor though!  Fingers crossed.)

Absolutely cannot WAIT to move. hahaha soooo excited for the new place!


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