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Entertaining lessons

Stolen from GRS blog just cause I don't really have anything *else* to post here for today...

Crazy lessons this evening but everything went really well.   Super high from teaching though which might put a dent in my goal of eight WHOLE hours of sleep in one night *g*

The beginner girls navigated 3-loop serpentines without anybody crashing into anybody else :)

The middle group, usually advanced but today three different levels in one with makeups.  A bit of a challenge to teach but highly entertaining.  The novice rider survived going faster than her comfort zone AND jumping two fences in a row; the intermediate rider successfully got the very lazy and short-strided horse jumping well on a normal 12' stride; the advanced rider jumped higher than usual in perfect rhythm :)   Sweet.

Then the later group was working on feeling which leg is moving when (without looking!  No cheating allowed!) And every one of them was getting it consistently by the end.   Woohoo.

So on a different note - I'm seriously contemplating breeding Dixie... hmmmmm of course I know nothing about breeding - but that's only a minor technical detail right?  Fortunately I have lots of friends who know more than enough for all of us  AND they seem to be willing to put up with my million questions.   As another friend put it when I mentioned that hesitation "You're a pretty type A person - if you want to breed you'll learn what you need to pretty quickly" - hahaha yeah she's probably right.  Sometimes your friends know you better than you do.With the move, we'd have a safe location to raise a foal.  And the main thing holding me back other than those *minor* details is that Dixie's old to have a first baby -- until I found out she's already had at least one already.  Sweet.  

So yeah, as though moving farms and running the business weren't enough to do - now I have a whole new realm of horsemanship to master.  No problem.

At least life's never boring :)


Just in case none of your friends has said, this: breeding is sooooooo overrated! Haha! No I'm not jaded.... :-P Seeing as once you move I'll be basically down the road, maybe I can stop by and we can meet in real life!


hahaha yes I've been warned :) But I still think it's worth a try :)

You do it a lot more than I do though! Just one is a good start I think. hahaha


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