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A day in the life...

(stolen from GRS blog :)

So fun horse-related day today.

Started off with nice enough weather to teach outside - woohoo!  And Hailey, my wonderful working student, riding particularly well for the second day in a row, so I let her play Really Big Jump day.   She set a new personal height record of FOUR feet.  Wooohoo!  Go kid and pony >;-P   hahaha always a fun start to the day.  And Bella was her usual "ummm ok, I'll clear it by as little as I need to" self.   Not the least bit concerned or stressed by the fact that the rail was well over her head.  Somebody forgot to tell her she's little.  Methinks we could all learn from that :)

Then a lunge lesson (she asked for it - literally.  Some of my students are as psyc as I am :)  I don't know if she'll be able to walk tomorrow, but she had fun.  And an assessment with two girls I quite enjoyed, so I hope they'll join us.

Next we did chores on speed to make it out in time for the open house.  I was thrilled at the turnout!  Thanks tons to all who came to visit our new home!!!   I can't wait to make the move.  Better for us, WAY better for the horses, and everybody there has been so friendly and so welcoming.  Just amazing.   They even came out to join in as soon as they got home.  Very kewl.

Then Aileen very kindly took care of night check for me so that Hailey and I could go look at a potential school horse.  It turned out to be not suitable for what we need in the school, but always fun to go ride other people's horses occasionally :)   If nothing else, it makes you appreciate yours.

After that home to do some paperwork *yawn* but once I got through that I started going through some of the videos Nicole sent me from the summer and that was fun.  There were also clips of Athena from way back at the beginning which served to remind me how very far she's actually come in a short time.   It's easy to get frustrated when things only improve in slow motion - esp if you happen to be fairly goal motivated.  But looking at those clips reminded me of where exactly we started this game.  It's like sitting watching the grass grow -- if you stare at it intensely all day, it never seems to do anything.  But if you go away for two weeks and come back, you'll have to cut it again.  Sometimes you have to have distance to appreciate growth.

So got a few things accomplished, but each one of them spawned several *other* projects -- and so the list continues to grow.  Ah well - at least I'm never bored :)


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