Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Could I please have a 48h day? Thanks.

Fun day today but super long.   Got lots done though so that's always good.   And was at the new place showing a friend around, so once again highly psyched about moving :)

Athena went really well this am.  Pieces are slowly coming together.   And she's really trying, which is super nice!   Was *not* amused that we got SNOWED on during our cool-out hack.  Sheesh.

Lessons fun this eve.  Mostly dressage with the odd speedbump thrown in.  All good.

Mostly though everything in my world these days is about the move.  Slowly starting to get the details organized.  Some of them anyways :)   That and of course the changes and things I want to do differently at the new place.   And the clothing orders.  And, and, and...  hahaha ah well - it keeps life interesting anyways :)


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