Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Hey, that's a great idea! ummmm or maybe not...

I wonder if "physician heal thyself" applies to other careers?

hahaha so when I bought Athena she was starving and unfit and unhealthy.  Now she's a good weight, very fit, healthy and happy.   Yet somehow in my mind, she's still starving and unfit...  So when the weather was nice on Monday so I'd go for a hack, I didn't think anything of it.

Despite the fact that the weather's been crummy for weeks so she's been stuck in the arena.  AND she hadn't been ridden for two days.

Now if any of my students had told me they were going to do that, I would've either stopped them, or told them to go ahead but be prepared (depending on which horse and rider combination it was :) -- but for me?  oh no, out I go without a second's thought.

*Almost* worthy of a "stupid should hurt" moment, but fortunately I clued in fairly quickly and as a result did *not* have to make the walk of shame...

hahahah well it all worked out ok in the end, but let's just say I had to wake up fast >;-P  Our nice walk hack very quickly changed into a jigging sideways trot, which morphed into a *very* up canter...  Eventually I got her down to the plateau where there's at least some room to work; schooled till she was quasi-rideable and then jigged our way back to the sandring to burn off some steam on safer footing.  hahaha never got anything *good* that ride, but had a lot of fun.   And eventually did get to go on our lovely walk hack to cool out.   But even that was on a mission.

It just amused me my brain arguing with itself as she first started jigging.  The one side surprised and "hey, this isn't like you" and the other side "you idiot, what'd you expect?  She's fit, healthy, and hasn't been out in ages..."   Fortunately the third part -- the one that knows how to ride -- dealt with the situation while the other two argued it out.  hahaha

So today we had equally good weather so we went out again.  Still slightly out of control (next spring is going to be fun :) but at least this time I was prepared for it.   Walk/trot hack only to w/u.   Back to sandring (rather than plateau) for our actual work.  And then another w/t hack to cool down.   And you know what -- I *actually* followed it.  hahaha didn't even pretend to let her gallop.  Although I have to admit that's more because the footing wasn't safe and I have absolutely no intention of setting her up to fall then because I was being overly responsible *g*

And I would just like to announce that it's November and I got to give my horse a bath today.   Best. Weather. Ever.   Would really like this to stick around for the winter :


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