Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Countdown is on

Well...  After yesterday, today was positively easy :)  hahaha

Taught for a few hours before going over to the new barn to discuss some changes with the landlords (all good!) then returned to do afternoon feed.  Evening was mostly paper/web work...  Somehow that never seems to end???  Ah well.

My mind just seems to be spinning constantly with all the things I should be doing and that I *want* to be doing.  Getting packed, moving, figuring out what should be done when, setting up the new farm, planning for the puppy, planning theory lessons and march break camp (that's going to be so much fun :), trying to sort out scheduling changes for after the move, figuring out where to get new clients and business to replace those who can't drive quite that far,  sending a dozen emails to a dozen different people about a dozen different topics, and on and on and on...  All while working the usual 70-hour work week.  No problem :)

3 days :)


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