Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

It's still Thursday :)

Right so it's 11:00 -- sure I can type something to still qualify as today's post before midnight.  Well I can if I ignore Facebook and email for a while.

So the news of the move is official and public now!  I am sooooooo excited.   Esp when things I'm not happy with at the current place cause grief (ugh, teaching in the dust-bowl tonight.   Counting down till we move :)   Photos and a map on the GRS fb page if you're interested.

For those I don't see in every day life -- for a wide variety of reasons I'm relocating my school.  The new place is a little west of the current place, close enough that almost all of my awesome students are coming with me.  Woohoo - pretty stoked about that.  hahaha and basically everything about it is an improvement.  Grass turnout, big stalls with mats, little to no mud anywhere, gorgeous indoor ring with excellent essentially dust-free footing, nice heated viewing lounge for parents, 95 acres of land (xc course to come!), heated wash stall, professionally built dressage ring, grass jump ring, awesome landlords -- everybody I've met has been super nice.  And it's private -- it'll be just us.   About the only thing I expect to miss at the current place is some of the people.  I've made a couple good friends there and that's always hard to leave.  But this place comes with good people too :)

But yeah the to-do list is growing about as fast as I can think...  Prob time to start writing some of that down.  And then maybe actually doing something about it.  Yikes.

And even with fb open I'm still going to post in time.  >;-P    (ummmm not sure who that's directed at; just seemed appropriate somehow)



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