Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Turns out skiing is fun in both winter AND summer. And I have an equal lack of skill in both ;)

Got to try waterskiing once more!   SO much fun.  Honestly I love the being pulled out of the water more than anything.   First vid is amusing cause you can see the moment I remembered that for this sport arms sb straight lol.  It’s like the rope was suddenly poison.   Later I let go of said rope altogether once while outside the wake over some speed bumps.  Was disappointed in myself for that a bit cause totally bailed on the mental game not out of necessity. I even knew it at the time.  But at least I managed to get up on the first try when they picked me back up 😂. Did a second lap too just cause.   Skis noticably closer together until I got too tired, so that was awesome!   Too tired kicked in about a lap and a half and I felt it in inner thighs and hips which was the challenge last year too.  Shocked my arms weren’t toast given that I’d already done the handstand thing this am.

I am:

  • super stoked that I got up on the first time both times
  • Thrilled that the work I put into getting strong enough to do this sport apparently paid off (last year I could only try the once cause I was lame for more than a wk later)
  • Disappointed in myself for allowing past wimpiness to reassert itself - it’s been literal decades since that’s happened.   AND I fought it and won the first time, so *really* no excuse 
  • Really grateful that I got the chance to try
  • Highly amused by my ability to self coach a skill I know nothing about 😂 
  • Unwilling to do the math on how many years 10k hours is when you practice like 15 mins a year ;)
  • Completely physically exhausted and mentally way too wired to sleep

Till next year :)


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