Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

So much fun. So much exercise. So many goals achieved :)

Today’s adventure will be a blog post.   Of the type that the short version is one of the longest posts ever ๐Ÿ˜‚ For your entertainment: 

“Use your imagination” version (originally titled ‘short version’ but that’s such a lie I have to update ;)

- good - more sleep than last night

- bad - not enough and woken at 6:30 by my mum who was frantic cause Sasha was lost

- good - Sash came back on my first call

- bad - wide awake

- good - means I get to take sunrise pics (stunning but way too early!), possibly handstand pics, AND early am swim.

- neutral - Doug (uncle) had a similar idea

- bad - water wasn’t the stunning glass-flat it can be

- good - it was still *very* quiet making for good handstand practice conditions

- bad - video died on like the 2nd effort and wasn’t exactly quality videography 

- good - I acknowledged that I really wanted a good sunrise pic of handstands and Doug is an incredible photographer who actually likes a challenge lol combined w being v patient.  So willing to play this game.

- bad - wrong clothes so I’m afraid that even if he got an *amazing* shot, it still won’t look good :(

- good - best stand ever! And called it on a good note.  

- bad - it was *after* my phone died ;-P

I was SO excited by this ๐Ÿ˜‚ 
PC: Doug Hern

- neutral - immediately after I was done, the lake went mirror-flat.  Sun was up by then though.   

- good - this made for amazing swimming, esp as I’m not a strong swimmer

- bad - I’d forgotten goggles and can’t swim properly without them cause contact lens.  

- good - reassured Sasha who’s okay w me going in the water as long as I get right back out but panics if I’m swimming or treading water or being eaten by a giant donut 

It took Sasha a while to believe the donut wasn't going to hurt me.

- bad - It was not yet 9am and I was ready for a nap ;) 

- good - cousin wanted to go waterskiing, which means I *also* would get to go waterskiing 

- bad - I am not good at waterskiing ๐Ÿ˜‚  Last year was the first time since I was a tween that I tried it, and it took many many many (copy and paste) attempts to get up.  And I loved it.  But then I was sore for weeks.

- also bad - somewhat concerned that waterskiing muscles might overlap significantly with handstand muscles which had already delivered their contractual hours today and really this week ;)

- good turns out they’re a LOT stronger than last time, as is my body awareness and ability to coach myself through new skills I know nothing about ;)

- bad - I self coach OUT LOUD;  while nobody could hear me, I can only imagine what my spotter in the boat must’ve thought ;).  Accelerating rapidly toward my crazy old lady title ;)

- good - it worked?!?!   Up on second time, stayed up in and out of wake, and didn’t let go till I got back.  Soooo excited and proud of myself.

- neutral - huge thunderstorm after lunch.

- bad - I was alone in the backup cottage so I could put on dry clothes (extra sleeping places really - when they built new, they kept the old and just moved it over) when the storm hit.  All entertainment (my books, phone, etc) in the main cottage.  

- good - I LOVE a thunderstorm in the woods.  In general really but especially there.

- neutral - it lulled me into a nap of coma level depth

- bad - I slept through milkshakes

- good - I felt human again afterwards AND all storm repair had already been completed by those who didn’t storm nap (3 or 4 of us, incl those who invited us up, got in great naps).

- good Chris just arrived :)

Rest of the day admittedly neutral, but cottage neutral with is normal-life excellent.   I will likely sleep very well tonight ๐Ÿ˜‚


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