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Mystery solved

So on and off since the eye surgery that required me to lie on my left side for 2 wks, I’ve had significant issues w my right shoulder.   I’ve never been able to find the exact trigger but it’s often worse at work - so I had figured any combo of ergonomics, sitting wrong, crossing my legs for too long, etc.

Although I also recall the worst muscle pain I ever had came after sleeping on the most comfy bed for a couple weeks.  I couldn’t believe it when I figured it out, but true story.   So occasionally I wonder if this issue was tied to my love of slouching on a comfy couch.  

Anyways - was starting to get worse again recently, but I’d also been doing a ton of handstand practice and using all the shoulder muscles, so I’d just assumed it was fatigued.

Except…. I went to the cottage.  Where I significantly increased my practice time AND added in waterskiing AND swimming / diving.  And somehow it didn’t hurt all week?   Which of course I didn’t even notice cause you rarely notice the absence of pain…

Until on the last day, before I left, it came back with a vengeance.  So I’m gonna say it’s stress related.   Which makes everything make sense in retrospect but doesn’t actually help me fix it :(


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