Here there be dragons...

"I'm telling you stories. Trust me." - Winterson

Does it count if you only partially get there?

So my target of handstands at the cottage has, according to the only *actual* gymnast in the group, been accomplished.  I feel personally like that’s kinda like being a “real rider” when you fall off ;)

Can I do what I’d hoped to be able to do at this point?  Not quite ;).   But can I do WAY MORE than I thought I’d be able to two weeks ago?!?!  100% yes.  (edited well after the fact to add: I went back and reread the first few weeks - I never had a details in my goal beyond 'handstand on the dock' - so turns out I DID meet it; yeah for goals with no metrics and bars at tripping height ;).  

Anyway - Today was the best yet - by a lot.  And I was soooo excited.   Most of the fam has seen me try now so pretty excited.  And being good humans who know how far this is outside my comfort zone, have been strongly encouraging.  

So yesterday I did warmup and practice up on the deck by the cottage while everyone else was at the dock.   Def didn’t have the courage for an audience, and having gone to bed at 5am I didn’t make an appearance in the main cottage till 10, so they were all on the water already.   Amazing how scary every new surface is lol.  So v glad I had practiced on *our* deck first.   Anyways - pretty avg session and short cause I wanted to be on the dock too lol

First cottage practice session

At lunchtime, all but my uncle Doug went up for lunch, so I gave it a try on the dock…. And did it?!?!  Like stag style of course but I did technically get and hold my balance on a floating dock so I was pretty super impressed.  I’m not sure what it says that I found it easier to balance on something that was moving?!?!   Like there’s a WTF lol.   I did not, however, video it.  Boooo.   However, when I came down to tidy water toys right before dinner, I decided there was enough time for one more quick session - it honestly wasn’t as good, but I did at least get up, and proof.   Admit I had to laugh when Elaine’s only comment on it was “this looks awfully close to the edge isn’t it?”  She’s not wrong, but ambidextrous I am not, so since I always fall the same direction I’m not too fussed.  And worst case, if I miss, I end up in the water.  This is not tragic.

E's point is valid - look how close my hands were as I was cartwheeling out.
Safe to say, far less scary when my left hand was in line with my right ;)

FF to today - wasn’t sure I’d have enough strength left.  Same amount of sleep this time but shifted up a bit.   This time though, I tried it when two of the kids were there - incl the one who actually knows how to do this.   At my request, she gave me a couple tips that, while I may have heard or heard variations of before, we’re really helpful to be able to see in-person what she was doing and how it worked.  Spider fingers was top of that list.  My default is flat, and I’ve tried the theory before but couldn’t get it.  She got it into my brain.  

lol sound on to hear my genuine excitement and my coach / cheerleaders in this adventure.  
Also first audience who was not Friend/Coach Elaine or Uncle Doug ;)

Anyways - I was so so so excited and proud of myself today.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is even better.


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